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I increased the "User online time threshold" today (11/29/2023) so maybe you won't lose so many posts.   Everything is up-to-date and running smoothly. Shoot me a message if you have any comments - Dennis

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July 13, 2024, 01:40:44 PM

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Hot, Hot, Hot Saturday

Started by wsantia1, July 06, 2024, 10:55:29 AM

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Good morning everyone. It is another brutally hot day here with the current temp at 91 and climbing to 96F this afternoon. With the feels like at 97 degrees is it a little cooler than yesterday when it felt like 103. As a comparison the high temp where I used to live (Elgin, IL) is 75 degrees. huh

The humidity is what's causing all of the discomfort here. We have gotten very little rain but we are surrounded by water on three sides. Four if you count the canal but that is 30 miles away so I won't count it.

At the moment I am in the basement doing water changes with Kobe by my side. Everyday he gets a little weaker but he is eating and still has some fight left in him. This is a day to day situation and I would be lying if I said it is not stressing me out.

The few fish I have left makes the fishroom a lot easier to manage. I will be selling fish tanks a a deep discount by the fall. That's when I think there will be a better market for them. I probably couldn't give away tanks right now.

Wishing you all a great weekend.


Too Many Fish. Not Enough Tanks.


Quote from: wsantia1 on July 06, 2024, 10:55:29 AMWishing you all a great weekend.

Thanks Willie, hope you have a nice weekend as well!

Sounds like our weather is very much alike.  Super hot and humid here too.  I do all my out-side activities very early in the mornings and then work inside the rest of the day.

It's been so hot and dry around here, I haven't mowed the lawn in over a month....

Ron Sower

Yes, we're running at 110+ here, but our humidity is only +/-20%. My Sis, in Chester, VA, is experiencing hot and humid like you guys are.

I don't know if you guys follow my Facebook page or my club's, but I've been posting about the event our mall is doing today. 10% off everything in the mall. Free hot dogs and burgers with chips and a drink if you bought $10 or more. I was there from 11 til 3. I had one big sale over $100 and some small ones. I'm looking forward to the larger booth in august, better to display all I have.

We'll be playing some cards here tomorrow evening. New game we learned...7 Up!

We'll be going to Santa Fe, NM the 18th - 21st, just because we haven't been there! We will be able to strike that off our bucket list. September, sometime, I think we're going to Tacoma to visit the family. Then in November we're going on a Mexico cruise.  What happened to October??🤣🤣🤣 Maybe rest up from travel?🤣

I hope all of you are enjoying your holiday weekend.
Happy Aquariuming,


Hi guys, yep we are all in the heat now.  At least no hurricane here yet.  I want the rain but not wind.  Looks like Beryl is about to hit Texas tomorrow.  Congrats on your sales Ron and all the travel coming up.  Willie I know just what you are going through with Kobe.  It was the same for me with my cat Lucy. Still miss her a lot.  Dennis, how is the woodworking coming along, or waiting for cooler weather to do more. I am enjoying a lot of knitting these days, have made 3 things so far in the last few months. I belong to 2 knitting groups here, we meet 4 times a month.  In 2 local yarn shops.  Talk more soon,