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I increased the "User online time threshold" today (11/29/2023) so maybe you won't lose so many posts.   Everything is up-to-date and running smoothly. Shoot me a message if you have any comments - Dennis

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July 13, 2024, 01:55:17 PM

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Independence Day USA!

Started by Ron Sower, July 05, 2024, 01:37:54 AM

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Ron Sower

I hope all you Muggers had a good celebratory day today. Miss Lucy and I did. Grocery shopping, fish putzing and then a bbq, cards and fireworks-watching to end the evening.
Happy Aquariuming,


Good to hear you had a nice holiday Ron.   |^|

It's been pretty quiet around here.  Room mate is off to Florida to visit one of her grandsons so I've got the place all to myself.

Moved most of the bikes over to Mom & Pop's garage so I could have some room to do some wood working projects around here.

That said, it's been so hot and humid that I'm not getting much done.  I did install a new dishwasher on Tuesday.  It's quite an improvement from the old one, they have come a long way in the last 15 years or so!

Probably spend some time watching the motorbike races in Germany this weekend.  It's the last MotoGP race before the summer break.


HI everybody, doing OK here, just dealing with dangerous heat and drought, never seen anything like this in early July here in the 25 years in eastern NC.  It is 115 now, with the index added, humidity. I am losing plants and even trees and shrubs.  Just too much to hose water and when I do, it is bone dry the next day.  I stayed home to comfort my cats last night, lots of booming in my neighborhood, like bombs going off, for 2 hrs.  I don't care for it.  tomorrow is my monthly day at the aquarium, will be very crowded since too hot to be on the beach for long.  You all have a good weekend,