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July 13, 2024, 02:23:30 PM

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Monday rolls around again!

Started by Ron Sower, July 01, 2024, 11:10:48 AM

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Ron Sower

Hi folks!

Well, project #2 became project #1! RO installation. It was a bear working under the sink and reaching up to install the faucet. Physically that was the hardest part. Rest went smoothly. We now have better flow and the cartridges will be much easier to change out.

Project #2 was much easier. Moving Miss Lucy's stuff out of her booth. We boxed it and put it in the one I'm taking over tomorrow. We'll sell as much of what's left out of it as we can. The mall is closed today, but tomorrow I can take some tanks over there. So today maybe I'd better clean a few of them up to take!

I've started culturing grindal worms again. This time in coconut coir. They are doing nicely and they are so easy. My younger fish get them several times a week to put some growth on them. I never could get good hatches of brine shrimp so I gave the hatcheries to the young man that is breeding the black and gold rams for me. He's the one breeding and rearing them in water with greater than 1000ppm of TDS...! Amazing.

I just got confirmation from Dean Tweeddale that he will come and give 2 talks to us (SAS) on the weekend of October 6. He was here 2 years ago and was a hit. He'll bring a crowd into these 2 meetings. I gotta get someone local for September. This month we have an excursion to the local public/private aquarium, the OdySea in Scottsdale. I arrange for 1/2 price tickets, and this time a tour behind the scenes. In august the swap/auction chair sets up a swap meet at one of our sponsor stores.

Y'all have a good day now. I gotta move the trash receptacle to the street and get ready for a visitor for fish!
Happy Aquariuming,