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Stormy Sunday

Started by wsantia1, June 30, 2024, 07:21:19 AM

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Good morning everyone. Hopefully you are all well. The Thorms arrived during the night and are continuing as I type this. We were in a 6 week drought and it appears that we are trying to catch up with our rainfall all in one day. I will say that the rain is appreciated but before I do water changes today I will probably do a few tests on the tap water just in case.

It's been a rough month with the drought and heat, with the heat having the most impact on Kobe. As a senior dog his tolerance for the heat has gone way down and while I have shortened our walking distances and increased the number of walks he his having more "accidents" in the house. I do have extra pee pads down on the floor but last night he made a big mess. I'm starting to think that he may have doggy dementia which I didn't realize was a thing. huh

Last night we had a bunch of folks from our neighboring sub-division setting off fireworks. You would have thought that the 4th of July was here already. Come to think of it, that may have triggered something in Kobe last night even though he is supposed to be deaf. 

Today I will just be relaxing in the house and putzing in the fishroom. If my water is good I will do some water changes.

Have a great day everyone.

Too Many Fish. Not Enough Tanks.

Ron Sower

Hello Willie,

As you mentioned the thorms out your way, I think of last night's special weather report defining the official monsoon season as June 15 thru September 30. It was worked out from averaging the years that for 3 days in a row had a dew point of 55 degrees. Interesting fact: we've never had a monsoon hit here on June 15!

I don't have anyone coming to pick up anything which is a good thing I guess because we need to go clean out Lucy's booth. One table that hasn't sold, even though it's discounted 75%, will go into my new booth. Project 1 today.

We had our under-sink RO system canister spontaneously break and load about a 1/4" of water on the kitchen floor a couple days ago. I decided to replace it with tankless system that produces 2.5g RO to 1g effluent. That's a big improvement from 1:4. It arrived this morning, so that is project 2 for today.

I'm really getting a "hankering" to actively breed some fish. Ha! Like I have room for the grow out tanks! Maybe chili rasboras, if I can find some decent breeding stock!

How are the rest of you Muggers out there doing these days? Take care and stay cool.

Happy Aquariuming,