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July 13, 2024, 02:02:31 PM

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Saturday again…

Started by Ron Sower, June 29, 2024, 10:46:18 AM

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Ron Sower

Good morning!

For most of this week it's felt to me like the day was a Saturday. Am I stuck or something?🤣

Monsoon season is here. Lots of wind and rain around us but no rain here. Temps are 104+/- daily now. AC runs steadily all day and gets a little rest at night.

I sold off the Burmese upside down cat fish that had eaten a bunch of my adult cardinal tetras. Also the red tail shark That was in the same tank. Getting it ready to rescape and get some nice cardinals back in it.

I'm slowly getting my LFS store buying again. They had a real serious cash flow problem, so we worked out a plan and they got a bunch of fish from me yesterday. I'm going to open another booth at the antique mall on July 2. The one I have is barely making it, but I want to offer more large stuff like tank, stand and hood ensembles. Ppl keep giving me stuff so I do what I can with it!

Yesterday I heard a scream from Miss Lucy in the kitchen! There was a flooded kitchen floor at her feet! The under sink RO system was pumping out some serious water. The rim of one of the filter canisters had broken and water was spewing all over. I got all the water shut off and proceeded to disengage water lines and replaced the canister. Well...I didn't take a pic of the configuration of the water line connections. Big mistake! I'm still trying to figure out how they go! I keep getting 700+ ppm TDS!🥴 Eventually I'll get it figured out. Meanwhile, the kitchen sink area is a mess where I have all the stuff pulled out. Someone keeps reminding me!🤣

We're going to a friend's birthday party in the hood tonight. They have a spacious home and there will be several tables set up for games we all like to play.

Tha's my update folks! Stay cool and happy.
Happy Aquariuming,