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I increased the "User online time threshold" today (11/29/2023) so maybe you won't lose so many posts.   Everything is up-to-date and running smoothly. Shoot me a message if you have any comments - Dennis

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Hot hot Thursday

Started by Barb, June 20, 2024, 10:46:36 AM

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Hi friends, greetings from the desert of eastern North Carolina.  Too bad my gardens aren't just cactus.  The last rain here was about a month ago, very very rare for here.  Now I want the H thing, hurricane.  No high winds but need about 2 ft of rain.  The ponds in my neighborhood are all down about 2 ft.  Poor turtles, fish, birds who sit on it, etc.  Farmers crops are all dying in the fields, tobacco, corn, soybeans and cotton.  I hose water what I can reach, but have lost a lot of things out there.  Oh well, later on I am sure I will be complaining about too water out there.  Always happens.  Happy first day of summer you all! How is everyone?


Hi Barb and everyone. It is hot here too. We also haven't had rain in a month and the grass has gone dormant. This doesn't usually happen until July.

It's been a pain getting Kobe out to do his business. His age and this heat doesn't go well. I took him to the park at 6:00 am and I will take him out again at 7:30 this evening. In between I walk him around my house to pee. I don't have a fence because I didn't need one but I wish I had one now.

I'm doing water changes at the moment and all of the new water is coming from the cold water line. The water from the cold water line is 84 degrees. huh

Have a great day everyone.

Too Many Fish. Not Enough Tanks.


Hi old friends.  It's been very hot here but we've had enough rain, thank God.  Last year was the drought I thought that we would never recover from.

I pig out on blueberries every morning after I take the dogs for their run-run.  The the 2 bushes were loaded.  April picked a bunch to make blueberry jelly.  I can't manage to make it in the house with them.  They go straight into my mouth.  It's getting close to the end of the season for mine, but I still have at least a week more to pig out.

Yesterday I went to the bone doctor.  He's happy with my progress but wants me back in August.  I told him that my left leg was shorter than my right.  He measured me and decided that I was 1 cm shorter.  Then he saw the X-Ray and decided that I was right.  I thought an inch which is closer to 2 cm.  Because my spine is screwed up, my pelvis tilts up to the right which is itself .5 cm.

Today I went to the pain doctor.  She and I get along well.  We don't just talk about me, we talk about her life, too.  She's divorced with 3 kids and the husband doesn't help.  But it's not like she's complaining. I ask and she tells me, just like she asks about me and how I'm doing and we tell one another.  Her life isn't easy, but just like I was she's always cheerful at work.  I worked the day after my husband died.  For me, work was a brief escape from reality.  If the situation and the age difference were such a wall, she and I would be friends.

I need to call a shoe place my bone doctor gave me a pass of some kind to go to.  Medicare may or may not pay but with him giving the order it very well could.  I hope so.  I'm broke enough as it is without having every doctor wanting his $35 or $40. Next the shoe man...In other developed countries they have a system of Universal Health Care.  God knows why the most powerful decmocracy in the world hasn't jumped on the bandwaggon.
Always move forward. Never look back.


Hi Liz and everyone. Liz it sounds like you are making a good recovery. Wishing you nothing but the best outcome. It's also good to know that last year's drought has not renewed itself this year. Sorry that I can't say that about me and Barb. My grass has already gone dormant.   

Too Many Fish. Not Enough Tanks.

Ron Sower

Good morning, Muggers!

I might as well start with the weather. It is hot here. It hit 115 in Phoenix yesterday. No rain, but that's normal. Yesterday we could barely see Superstition Mountain due to the dust in the air. There was a haboob nearby that sent it this way. When I'm outside in that type of environment, I always can feel very fine grit in my teeth. Also the eyelids itch a lot and feel slightly grainy.🥴

I did decide to add a larger booth to my space at the Mall of Peddlers. I'll start stocking it July 1. I'm definitely going to work on getting some retail aquarium dry goods line(s) to stock in one of the booths. The owners want me to set up tanks to sell fish, but I think they don't realize what a distraction it would to have to go to the booth and net out and bag them. I may try live plants thought. Easy to catch them!😉

I think I wrote that we went to Tucson last weekend for 4 days with another couple. We enjoyed it. Our visit to the planetarium on the University of Arizona campus was my first planetarium visit. They showed us the Tucson night sky and so many constellations.  I tell you, one must have strong imaginations to see what they figure to be those animals in the sky! 🙄 I don't!

We learned a new card game (7Up) over the weekend and played in a "tournament" last night. Didn't win any money but had a really good time. There were 7 tables - 28 of us playing.

Barb and Willie, I hope your plants and pets survive the drought you're both experiencing. Do like we do and stay inside. Liz, so good to se you back again and I'm glad you're healing. I finally went to the Good Feet Store and purchased their inserts. Expensive, but sure has made a positive difference in my foot, knee, hip and back pain.

Speaking of blueberries, I like them too and put frozen ones on my cereal every morning. When I get over to the discount produce market and they have fresh ones at a decent price, I get several containers of them.

Hope you're doing well, Dennis.  And, Greg, enjoy those swordtails!

Guess I'd better get the day started. Lucy will be up in a few minutes and we'll have some coffee to get the day started. I've got several ppl coming over for fish, etc., today and a shipment of plants due here too. You folks do your best to have a good day now.🔆
Happy Aquariuming,