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I increased the "User online time threshold" today (11/29/2023) so maybe you won't lose so many posts.   Everything is up-to-date and running smoothly. Shoot me a message if you have any comments - Dennis

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Terrific Tuesday

Started by BallAquatics, May 21, 2024, 06:16:33 AM

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Yet another beautiful day here in central Ohio.  Temps in the mid 80's with blue sky and sunshine.

I've got some wild flower beds to get planted this morning and then hope to ride up by Sidney Ohio on some twisty state routes.

Forecast is for some patchy rain Wednesday and Thursday, but then we are back to perfect weather on Friday and the weekend.

Hope everyone is have a great day and enjoying life in general.


Good morning Dennis and everyone. We are in for a beautiful day here too. It is currently only 59 degrees but once this fog burns off, the temps will climb up to the low 80s. That is my kind of weather.

I'll be going to Westchester NY over the weekend for my niece's wedding. This is going to be a big one. It is scheduled as an outdoor wedding so hopefully the weather holds up. Contingency plans are in place.

Have a great day everyone.


Too Many Fish. Not Enough Tanks.

Ron Sower

Hello folks!
Sounds like some of you are getting nice weather that you deserve. That's a good thing.

Last week I spent a lot of time prepping for our big auction this past Sunday.  The necks 2 paragraphs are what I wrote my cousin a few minutes ago......

"We just had our first aquarium club's Super Auction here in our community's ballroom this past Sunday. When I stepped down as president I became the VP and my major role is as program chair. I bring in speakers on different aquarium related topics, and plan special events for our monthly meetings. After the speaker we have about an hour long auction. I've encouraged our council to do a big, all day long auction. So we appointed a director to be in charge of the event! It went well as I figured it would. We placed no limit on the number of lots one could put up for auction and there were probably 300 lots. Everything from fish, shrimp, plants, axolotls, live foods, to tanks, filters, lights, protein skimmers, sumps and beyond. Over 100 ppl attended. Our clubhouse lunch concession was open and manned by our community volunteers. They served up a $7 meal of burgers or dogs, chips, a drink , and cake.

"My part, by my own personal decision, was to secure the FREE venue, and coach our president and the chairperson. I've participated in a number of these in the Seattle club and wanted get this started here. Ppl I talked with at the auction were totally pleased and had no idea how much stuff would be available. Some parents brought their young kids and they were so well behaved for 5 hours, I could hardly believe it, so I grabbed the auctioneer's mike toward the end and complimented the kids and parents. Another thing we've been doing is involving the kids as runners in all our auctions. They've gotten really good at it."

Well, I guess those last 2 paragraphs were more than you bargained for! My goal, though, has been to back away from heading up everything and let the new guard get on with it. It's working so far!👍🏼 I've spent a good portion of my time and efforts these past 5 years getting our new club on solid ground.

I did pick up a fish that I'm pleased with. It's a Burmese upside diwn catfish. It's in one of my display 75g tanks. It's probably not going to come out much, but maybe it will.

Weather here is really nice in the high 80s and 90s. Blue skies, like you're having, Dennis.

You still convalescing well, Liz? I guess Dennis has bugs caught in his teeth from the riding he's doing...Barb, did your hair become a rats nest from the convertible ride? And Willie, how's Kobe, and when do you leave for 5he wedding. That should be fun.

I've drained my coffee cup and it's time to get going with my day. You folks have a wonderful day.
Happy Aquariuming,