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I increased the "User online time threshold" today (11/29/2023) so maybe you won't lose so many posts.   Everything is up-to-date and running smoothly. Shoot me a message if you have any comments - Dennis

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Tuesday Hi

Started by Barb, May 14, 2024, 04:28:34 PM

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Sorry I have been absent a few days, it has been a very hard past week for me.  With Lucy.  She is now over that rainbow bridge we hear about. If what people tell me is true, she and Bill will be waiting for me there someday.  Just hope it is a very long time from now. I miss Lucy a lot, and I think Cindy and Annie do too. Lucy was a very fantastic cat, for the 14 1/2 years I had her.  Got her as a 6 week old from the shelter.

Liz, Big Head may yet turn up.  If not, at least you know he had a great life!! How is your convalescing going?  Ron, how are you doing and Willie I do hope Kobe will be fine while you are gone.  This is the only  hard part of having and loving our pets, when they get old, sick or hurt.  So painful.  I buried Lucy in my flower garden.  Very deep and sprinkled flower seeds on the soil.

Dennis, sounds like you have such a good positive outlook on your life!  You will do well I know.  I have a very ill lady friend with so many bad things going on, but she keeps a very good and positive attitude and is responding well to her 3 mo. so far of  treatments.

My 6 discus are all well, goldfish and 1 koi are fine too, even my silly little Endlers are good.  When I get older and can't keep fish anymore, I will always have a little tank or large bowl of pretty Endlers!  And some live plants in with them.  I use just rainwater for them so plants grow well there.

I will be back soon, you all have a good evening!

Ron Sower

Well, Barb, so sorry about Lucy. May she rest in peace. Maybe she and Big Head wil frolic together!😁

Peace to all tonight!
Happy Aquariuming,


I'm so sorry about Lucy, Barb.  Life can be so painful that it makes death sound easy.

Home health care came on Tuesday. Thank God he's a cool guy.  I forgot that I'd put one of my penis collection in a Discus tank.  After he had a good laugh, I explained to him how Discus spawn, and that was a breeding cone.  That it's kind of a play on words minus the words.  I told him that I was sure he's get a lot of laughs out of the old lady with a penis in her fish tank and he said that his wife would love it.  She also has a twisted sense of humor.

I asked how long before I'd be able to walk without supporting myself some how.  6 weeks is the usual recovery time.  I've got a while to go yet...
Always move forward. Never look back.


Liz and Barb. I am very sorry to hear about Big Head and Lucy. Liz I still have hopes that Big Head will show up.

I am afraid that it won't be long before Kobe meets them at the Rainbow Bridge. He is still eating well and still enjoys going to the park to meet his friends but everyday there is a little more slippage in his health.

He's 14 1/2 now and is deaf but he still has a great sense of smell.

Dennis hopefully your treatments are going well and Ron sorry your auto insurance bailed out on you.

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