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Tuesday and finally rain!!!!

Started by LizStreithorst, November 21, 2023, 12:50:53 PM

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first off I need to apologize for yesterday.  I wrote a long post and right while I was finishing up the last paragraph, Poof...Gone.  Then I started again and it disappeared as well.  At that point I said, fuck it.

The rain came in around 1 am.  The damn phone kept going off with severe storm warnings and tornado warnings.  The dogs were trembling in bed, but when it got to the point where I was no longer able to comfort them, they went under the bed—all but Pip and Big Head who slept through it.  We got about 3/4" which was wonderful but still not enough.  Another half an inch is forecast for early next week but even if we get it it's still not enough to make up for this long drought.  Still, rain was a wonderful thing to get after all this time.

Willie, my Big Head is also 14 and I know that the time will come to do the hard deed.  I don't want to be without a large sweet dog so after he is gone I'm going to be looking for another.  There are so many old thrown-away dogs that would otherwise be put to sleep needing adoption.  I know from experience that rescues like that know that I have saved them.  And they show it.  It's something you might start thinking about.

My neighbors are having Thanksgiving at their other daughter's house which is 2 hours away.  I just don't feel like such a long drive for a meal so I'll be making my own.   I need to go shopping today.  I'll be making a spatchcocked chicken with maple orange glaze with half a baked sweet potato and mustard greens.  It will be a feast for me.  What are y'all's plans?

Need to make my shopping list now and get the kitchen sparkling so it will be pleasant to cook.  I'll stop now, before this post up and disappears on me.
Always move forward. Never look back.


Hi everybody, sure hope this doesnt disappear before I hit post.  I will give it a try. Supposed to rain today but nothing yet.  We are also in drought here too Liz.  My ground is like powder.  Camellias are blooming, if they don't get some water they will drop their unopened buds, a disaster.  Too many and too far from hose to do that.  I need rain.  Haven't seen the sun since yesterday early.  I need sun.

My neighbor just died, now there are 3 widows in a row on my street.  I am in the middle of the other 2.  And I have several lady friends facing the same thing sooner than later.   And they all keep calling me to talk or get advice.  It has been overwhelming.

My 3 girl cats are also near 14.  2 of them have issues.  Fish are all fine. I will check out Simply and the contest, have not looked at it yet.  Liz did you have any storm damage?  Willie how is it up your way?  Ron,  no bad storms for you, right?  Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I will be at my daughter and son  law, with his relatives too, who I have never met.  Supposed to be 20 of us.  I am taking pecan pie, my daughter said to bring nothing else, so OK.

Ron Sower

Barb, if they don't eat all the pecan pie, you can mail it to me!😁😁😁

Hello everybody! Well, we made it back last night and the day has been kind of a lazy one for me. I did go up to the clubhouse and ride the recumbent bike for a little bit since I'm not going to cardio rehab until next Monday. I also did that while we were at Jen's house.

We're going to leave in the morning and drive down to Bisbee Arizona and come back Friday afternoon. It's an area we haven't been to which is close to Tombstone and we may go over there as well. J. A. Jance is an author who writes about that area and I just want to see it. Not sure where we going to have Thanksgiving meal because every restaurant down there that we called is closed on Thanksgiving day. Somebody suggested having it at a casino. So will look them up and see if there's a casino near enough to go have Thanksgiving dinner.

Willie, I'm sorry you're having to plan to let go of Kobe. We really had a hard time with it was Murphy's time to go. Liz and Barb looks like you're facing the same thing in the future. For us we decided that not having another pup was a good idea since we travel every time we get a chance. A cat would probably be a lot easier. And speaking of cats, I got a good cat fix this last weekend. Jen has one and so does Emery, both cats very lovable.

I'm working the bingo floor tonight, so I guess I better head on up that way. Lucy's already gone up because she is helping out in the kitchen.

I hope everybody's well, and I'll see you here the next time.
Happy Aquariuming,


Thanks everyone for your kind words. The funny thing about Kobe is that one day he'll be on deaths door and the next day he'll want to play all day. When the time comes I will probably be dogless for a while and then I will consider fostering.

I have a neighbor that has Labs and also fosters labs and lab mixes and she will be very helpful with my search whenever I am ready. I need to stay away from the Pitbulls that are plentiful in the shelters here because they will spook my neighbors. I actually like the pits.

Liz and Barb, we got more more rain yesterday than we got in the last two months combined. It's all gone now and we have temps in the high 50s creating a very foggy situation out there.

Ron, I used to go to Tombstone regularly when I was stationed in Ft. Huachuca over 50 years ago. We used to hang out at the Crystal Palace a lot. That was when the drinking age was 18 We used to drive through Bisbee a lot but I can't remember anything of real interest there at that time.



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