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Hazy Thursday

Started by wsantia1, June 08, 2023, 05:20:50 AM

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Good morning everyone. I woke up this morning to hazardous air conditions with the smoke coming down from Canada being stuck in this area due to a "low pressure system" that isn't moving. They are advising us to stay indoors and wear a mask if you must go out. This is especially harmful for the elderly, children and pets so that means that Kobe will have very little outside time today.

It is currently 54 degrees and going up to 77F this afternoon. Any sunshine is being blocked by the haze. There is a 15% chance of rain but I am sure that it will not get any.

I saw that I posted under the Tuesday thread yesterday so it looks like we didn't post yesterday. I know Liz and both posted yesterday. I hope the rest of you are OK.

This looks like it will be an all day affair in the fishroom. The fish are already fed so as soon as I feed myself  I will head downstairs to start my water changes. There is not really more that I can do at this time.

Wishing you all a great day.

Too Many Fish. Not Enough Tanks.

Ron Sower

Good morning, Willie!...et. al.,

We're at 70 now and going to 93 today with sunshine!...for about a week we've had light smoke in the area...nat as bad as yours, Willie...it's coming from a fire in a field where mulch is stored...they're just letting it burn out...

I didn't get much done yesterday...several ppl who were to come by for fish and plants had to reschedule...I did go to the dentist and had a deep cleaning on my teeth...is that like "detailing" a car??? ;D ;D ;D

My Leopold angels in the 125 community tank are sparring with each other some so I put a cone in there to see if they knew what to do with it...they've spawned several times in the past when I had one end of the tank stuffed full of Aponogeton boivinianus...

My project today is getting an announcement out to the club about our upcoming field trip to the Odysea Aquarium in Scottsdale in place of our meeting in July...it's a hassle collecting $$ in advance, but I was on a FaceTime meeting with our VP, treasurer, and one other council member and we think we have it figured out...so now I gotta type it up, make sure it's understandable and easy to do and track...

I guess that's all for now, friends...hope all are doing well!...
Happy Aquariuming,


Good morning gents.  I've got to start posting in the morning rather than putting it off until later.  When later rolls around, I'm so tired that I posting becomes too much effort.

I sent off a couple of boxes of fish yesterday.  You wouldn't think that something so simple would wear me out, but it does.  I told the guy's at Boe's that they would have to carry the box in from the car for me Monday when I finally get my $1000 guy's first box shipped off.

In the fish room I had a pair of Discus in with the Rams because they were fighting.  It worked the female started pecking on the side of the tank and running the rams off.  They had been there for 2 days so then I put them back in their breeding tank with an eggcrate divider between them.  This morning I took the eggcrate out.  They are friends again but I don't see much flirting but they're good friends again.

Then I put PP in the tanks where the fish I shipped were.  I've decide to do this every time I empty a tank.  All my tanks are old and scratched and no matter how religious about wipe downs, a green algae will always be in those scratches.   This will at least help knock it back for a while.

I had a productive day all planned out but decided instead to spend the day chilling instead.  I'll run to the dollar store and see if they have the Haagen Das chocolate on chocolate ice cream bars that I like and pick up some Ramen noodles.  I made the most wonderful garlic butter ramen noodles yesterday to go with my chicken and I want to have the same thing today.  I love garlic, and they say it's good for lots of things in your body.  The dogs could care less about garlic breath.

Always move forward. Never look back.


Good evening friends, it is also smokey here, this far south from the Canadian fires! It began on Tuesday here and is supposed to be gone by Saturday when the wind direction changes up and down the east coast.  A month ago we had the 95000 acre fire near my city, that was smoke for 2 weeks and a lot of ash in it.  this is now just smoke, I see no particles.  But keeping my house and car windows shut.  Just been doing yard work today. You all have a good night wherever you are.

Ron Sower

My sister is getting the smoke too in Chester, VA...
Happy Aquariuming,