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June 16, 2024, 09:35:17 AM

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Started by Ron Sower, June 03, 2023, 11:39:24 AM

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Ron Sower

Hi Muggers!...

It's 84 right now and going to 96...next 2 days - 101, then back to 99+/- a degree or 2 thru the 17th...sunny and no rain!...

I feel back to normal today...yay!  Lucy says I don't allow myself enough time to recuperate...she could be right...2 nights in a row with no sweats...another "yay"!...

How are are you guys doing today?...And what are you doing today?...

We have plans to go to dinner with friends and then a play...Bye, Bye Birdie...I know nothing about it so I hope it's good...

I guess I'll do some tank maintenance today, maybe take a walk..

Have a good day all!...

Happy Aquariuming,


I'm glad you're feeling better, Ron.  Sorry it took so long.  Sweats in the middle of the night are terrible.

I got my new, stronger pain meds this morning.  I took one and it made me a bit foggy headed which I don't like.  It sure made my back easier to live with, though.  When I take my next dose I'll take 1/2 a pill and see how that works.  I think I'd rather have more pain than have a foggy head.

Then I went the feed store.  I got 4 sacks of food for sweet Charlotte and some corn seeds.  They were covered with fungicide.  I hate that.  I think I'll soak them in water overnight and see if it doesn't come off.  I'm gonna see if I can find some climbing beans and plant them so that they can grow up the corn stalks.  It's a good thing to do because corn is a heavy feeder and the bean add nitrogen to the soil.

I'm doing laundry.  The 3rd load is on now.  The first two are hanging on my fence line.  I have sheets waiting for their chance.  In this 90 degree weather they won't take long to dry.

The sprinkler is on the garden.  I'm making the soil happy for when I plant my corn.
Always move forward. Never look back.


Good afternoon Ron and Liz. I'm glad you guys are feeling better.  Barb, hopefully you are feeling better too. I'm feeling crappy. By that I mean that I am having stomach issues with lots of gas. I am having bowel movements so maybe I'll just take some Gas-X and see how that works out.  I've been eating a bunch of stuff that I should staying away from the last few days so that was not a good idea.

Ron our weather here is going up and down also. Yesterday we got up to 94 degrees and today we are topping out at 78 degrees. The one constant is the lack of rain. This is the driest spring that we've had in a while. My grass is already brown. I am only only watering my flowers these days.

At the moment I am finishing up my WCs on the Discus tank. I've been changing about 40 gallons of water out of my 75G tank so I'm doing slightly over 50% daily. That's the only tank that gets daily water changes. It is also a BB tank with no decorations.

I'm going back to finish up the WCs so I'll check on you all later. 

Too Many Fish. Not Enough Tanks.