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No sun Sunday

Started by Barb, May 28, 2023, 06:32:57 AM

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Good morning friends!  Haven't seen any sun for several days now.  I think maybe 5" of rain or more in the last 2 days here, with lots more later today and the next few days.  It is hard to remember what drought time is like here right now.  I have no damage but just water everywhere in my yard.  Good thing I have all my french drains in place.  And my goldfish and baby turtle are enjoying all the fresh water in the pond.

My hurt arm is getting better, I am resting it as much as possible. And my dental issues are settling down, so today I feel better than I have in about 11 days.  Hope the rest of you are doing well too.  What are your Memorial Day plans?  Around here people head to the beach and parks for lots of outdoor activities, but not this year.  I am working on a landscape painting I began yesterday.  Tomorrow I will visit the cemetery with flowers from my garden.

Ron Sower

Good morning, all!...

Yesterday was a mixed bag... we went to the clubhouse for breakfast and then 125 people there, which is good for this time of year after all the snowbirds are going home... then I had three people come by and pick up plants and fish, then I drove an hour over to Sun City, on the west side... about 15 minutes into the drive. I started feeling achy and was attributing it to getting less sleep lately... I got my fish and everything and headed back in real pain... I got home and went straight to bed... I could not get rid of the aching...later on I was hit with upchucking spells and could not sleep...finally I did get a couple hours in...when I awoke around 4 the aches were gone and no more nausea!...I'm tired but glad I feel better...I feel a nap coming on later today...

I've sent a text to the fellow that was coming by today to pick up a canister filter I no longer want and said we better put it off a few days.."he agreed because he has a 6 month old baby he doesn't want to get sick...

I've acquired 4 (supposedly 2 pair) of L260 Queen Arabesque Plecos...my intention is to sell them, b put in the meantime I'm going to set them up to try to get them to breed...we'll see if I'm successful...

I wonder, Barb, if your weather is what we were experiencing at sea last week?...

Liz, I hope your beer run was successful...

Willie, after so many floods, I started using things like in the photo below...

Take it easy today, friends...

Happy Aquariuming,


Barb, you've been having a rough time lately, and all that rain makes it even worse since it's bad for your
mood when you haven't seen the sun in a while.  I'm glad that at least your physical problems are getting better.  We have the opposite weather here.  It's almost dry as a bone.  I'd have got the sprinkler going on the garden if I didn't have laundry drying on the fence behind it.

I don't have too much pain today (I've been taking an extra 100 mg of tramadol a day lately).  Yesterday I felt good enough to do serious house cleaning.  I got some mopped, but need to mop the rest.  I doubt I'll get to it today because I'm physically tired.  At least I got everything washed that could possibly need washing yesterday.  It's gonna whup my arse to get the sheets back on the bed so I can take a nap later.  Maybe part of the problem is that I stayed up late (for me) reading last night.  At least I have a good apatite for a change.  Back when I wasn't able to do much I ate almost nothing.

Ron, I used to use those alarms and should again.  When they beep at you, you won't miss it even if you're in the next county (jk).  I'm glad you're getting over your illness.  It sounds like food poisoning to me.  I've had it before.  I feel like death is imminent, and wish it would hurry up, until I puke it all out.  Except for one time I started feeling better right away.

Willie, you must be up to something.  I'm looking forward to hearing what.  I'll pop in later to see.
Always move forward. Never look back.


Ron, I have those sensors. Unfortunately for me my latest flood was during the draining of my tank when my sump style pump failed at the hose connection and the tank water went gushing into the air. Luckily for me I was there when it happened and I was able to shut the pump off before the flooding got too bad.

Liz I'm happy you were feeling good yesterday, Hopefully you will be feeling good today also. I was very busy with my guests over the last few days. I took them to a couple of nice restaurants and we went shopping for summer clothes, etc. We also did some grilling on my new grill. I was not on my computer at all and rarely do I post from my phone so I was pretty much incommunicado.

Barb I am happy to hear that your arm is feeling better but don't over do it. You got 5 inches of rain over the last few days and we go 0 inches of anything. We really need some rain because my grass is already turning brown and we are not even in June yet. I will probably put my hose to the grass today because it is supposed to be cloudy most of the day. I never water my grass when the sun is out.

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