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I increased the "User online time threshold" today (11/29/2023) so maybe you won't lose so many posts.   Everything is up-to-date and running smoothly. Shoot me a message if you have any comments - Dennis

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Happy Hump Day

Started by wsantia1, May 17, 2023, 08:54:43 AM

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Good morning everyone. It is going to be another beautiful day here in the "Upper Mid-Atlantic" with the current temp at 63 degrees and the high temp getting up to 68F. It is sunny and there is no precip in the forecast but it will be a little bit windy with the winds coming in from the north at 10 - 20 mph.

I moved my Discus into a larger tank yesterday and so far it looks like they are still trying to get comfortable. I transferred them along with their water but maybe they are just getting used to the new location which is just behind my desk. I just finished their water change so maybe that routine that I've been doing since I got them will get them back to normal behavior.

I am getting ready to drive to the beach to have lunch with my former boss/mentor. He built a house near Rehoboth beach for around 400K and the house is worth over a million right now. If I would have bought that same house it would be under water in value by now. huh We should have a great lunch though.  mim mim mim

You guys have a great day and I'll check in when I get back.

Too Many Fish. Not Enough Tanks.

Ron Sower

Hi Willie....I hope you have a great lunch!... how are the rest of you doing today?...

It's 82 a sunny here...had thorms late yesterday late afternoon...went all around our home though...temp should hit 94 today...

I'm enjoying my new species of Rhinogobies...they perch on top of the river rocks, then pop down to chase another one out!...I think I have them set up for breeding now...so now I have 2 tanks of them, and one of Neolamprologus multifasciatus...two behaviorally interesting genera...

Last night a packed my ocean going suitcase with clothes to take that Miss Lucy approved!...around here I like to wear T's and cargo shorts most of the time...not used to dressing for "dressy casual" dinners every night, and one night is even dressier...not fully formal, but sport coat style... ugh!...for all the prep we're doing, I hope this cruise is worth it!...otherwise, it will be my first and last one, :D...

You guys have a great day...

I just saw that I've underlined everything at the end of my post....sorry, but I don't know how to undo it! wfwf
Happy Aquariuming,


It's a wonderful day here.  I got my pain meds and got the two other little things that I needed to do, and I'm still not in misery with my back.  When I got home, the FedEx driver showed up with my heavy foam mattress topper.  He brought it in the house for me which he really didn't have to do.  I got it into the bedroom, unpacked it and managed to put it on my bed.  Of course I had to check it out.  OMG, what a difference!  It was so comfortable for my back I needed to make myself get up.  Barb, thank you so much for telling me what I really needed.  I am in your dept.  I thanked you on Simply, too.  I can't wait till it's time to go to bed.
Always move forward. Never look back.


Late hello folks.  Today was my big dental appt.  3 hrs in the chair, big tooth job, under nitrous most of the time. Now just a sore area in there, took Tylenol.  Liz, great mattress news!  Happy cruising Ron and Willie hope your beach trip and lunch went well.  Very tired now, see you tomorrow,