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Saturday afternoon

Started by LizStreithorst, May 08, 2023, 01:51:18 PM

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All of us played hokey yesterday.  Well, after all it was Sunday, a day of rest.  I hope we all get back to it today

We had a light drizzle this morning but now it's just overcast humid and too warm.  I have the exhaust fan plus a box fan going in the fish room. 

I sent out 2 boxes today then went to the feed store in Ellisville for a fly trap I'll put in Charlotte's house.  I should do this before fly season rather when fly season has started but I always forget.  Very few are making it into the house but they are all over my front yard.  Next to meeses I hate them the most.

Next I went dumpster diving for cardboard.  For the second time a lovely kind guy came out to help me.  I could do it myself but now that I'm old and have pain I'm pretty slow.  This guy whose name is Dustin came out and helped me.  He's young and strong and efficient and kind.  I figured this guy would like something to smoke so I asked.  Next time I go to town I'll take him some.  I can't tip him in money, but I figure he's enjoy this.  It cost a lot to buy it on the street  since I grow it, it makes for a good tip that cost me nothing.  I like to pay back for kindness.

I actually missed WC yesterday due to my rotting back.  I'll give everyone a big one today.  The fish feel good after a WC but they will feel great after me having to miss one day.

I'll make my lunch now.  I'm making a chicken leg quarter with lemon and capers.  I had it yesterday but the leftovers are even better.
Always move forward. Never look back.


Good afternoon Liz and everyone. For some reason I thought I posted yesterday. Oh well, I know for sure that I am posting now. 

It is a beautiful day out with the temp currently at 79 degrees under partly cloudy skies and with a nice little breeze. We may get a shower but not much more. Tomorrow we will definitely get in on the rain.

I am almost set for moving the Discus into a 75 this week. Tomorrow I'll move the remaining 3 Altums from their 75 into a 55 and then shortly after I'll move the Discus from their current 55 into that 75.  It will be a piece of cake.

Other than that it has been a pretty slow around here. It is like everything came to a stop when we had all of that rain last week and now that the weather has turned nice again we are a little bit slow getting things going around here.

I hope the rest of you all are having a great day. I'm still putzing around in the fishroom so I'll leave my fishroom computer on until I get ready to shut the FR for the day.

Too Many Fish. Not Enough Tanks.


Hi everybody, it says Saturday afternoon  but I am pretty sure it is Monday today.  I did my Monday group walk today so I know it is.  Have been doing garden work lately, trying to get the hard stuff done before the real heat arrives and is no fun for me to do much in the yard.   I got attacked recently by noseeums, worse than mosquitoes for me, almost as bad as fireants.  I may be allergic to them.

I miss having angelfish.  Where can I order some good and healthy ones?  Anyone you recommend?  My last batch, Koi angels were so highly inbred they all got the lip tumors and I had to put them down.  That was about 3 or more years ago.  I see Petsmart has angels, maybe I should try a few babies and see what they turn out to be.  I am so leary of shipping fish now, either sending or receiving. 

See you all tomorrow,


Hell, I know damn well that it's Monday.  Sorry I said the wrong thing.
Always move forward. Never look back.