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Depressing Thursday

Started by LizStreithorst, March 16, 2023, 01:18:19 PM

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I hope that I'm the only one here who's down in the dumps.  I'll be over it tomorrow, but today I'll indulge myself and lick my emotional and financial wounds. 

I went to the inexpensive dentist recommended by nice dentist who I can't afford to do all than needs to be done.  It turns out that I can't even afford the inexpensive dentist and they recommended that I call an even cheaper dentist.  I'm not in the mood to call the place for people with little money today.  I'll do it tomorrow.

The pet store was just up the road from the inexpensive dentist so I stopped by to see twee.  She wants 9 rams, 12 albino BN, and 30 mystery snails.  She also gave me the $40. she owes me from the last fish I took in.  I wanted to leave it in my account but she insisted.  $40 is just a drop in the bucket, but I'll put in in my hidden drawer rather than spending it on life.

Sorry I'm such a downer.  Like I said, I'm just feeling sorry for myself.  Don't pay any attention to my pissing and moaning.   I'll be better tomorrow.  I wish y'all healthy bodies, healthy fish healthy plants, and bank accounts full of money.

It's a magnificent day today.  It will go up to 75!  I put my pot seedlings out in the sun which I know they'll like.  Of course since it gets cold at night I'll bring them back in after I do WC at 4.
Always move forward. Never look back.


Good afternoon Liz and everyone. I am a little bit less sore than I was yesterday so the day hasn't been bad so far. A plus is that I don't have buckets worth of water on my fishroom floor like I did yesterday.

The sun is finally out at this moment. It s currently 58 degrees which will probably be our high temp for the day but that is also the highest temp we've had all week.

I've been mostly relaxing today but I did make out to the grocery store and in a little while I will get out to the park with Kobe. At the moment he is sleeping but I know that he will get up in a few. I believe in letting sleeping dogs sleep so I'll wait for him to wake up on his own.

Liz I am glad that I could just go to the dispensary to get my stuff. I did grow a few plants in the basement that came out excellent but I was always worried about letting anyone in the basement since growing weed here is still illegal (even for patients).  My home owners insurance would be voided if something were to happen to the house because of my "illegal" growing of weed.

As expected I hear Kobe rambling around in the fishroom so it is time to get him ready for his trip to the park. I'll check in on you all later.


Too Many Fish. Not Enough Tanks.


Hi Liz and Willie, hope tomorrow will be better for you.  I think i have pollen allergies going on now, at least the recent little bit of rain helped wash most of it away.  I guess pollen allergies can hit anyone at any point in life, never had it before.  It is warmer here today, but I see lots of damage to new leaves out in my yard, it has been going down to the high 20's at night lately, way too cold for here in mid March.  My birdbath was frozen solid this morning, and now it is 67.  Too much temp swing to feel healthy.  I almost think my cold is returning.  That's all for now, you two hang in there,