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Welcome to Tuesday

Started by LizStreithorst, March 14, 2023, 03:22:39 PM

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It's nice out, but still jacket weather.  Go figure, I was in shorts and a T shirt last week and the week before.  We're finally experiencing what late winter is normally like in March.

I planted my weed seeds late last week.  I bought 5 seeds.  The first seedling to come up is the strongest. The second is the next strongest.  4 of the 5 seeds sprouted.   I think that 2 strong seedlings are enough as long as they continue striving.  I put them out just now outside.  It's 60 degrees out but warmer in the sun, of course.  We have a slight breeze.  My little plants with their first leaves need real sun, and a bit of a breeze helps them toughen up. 

This morning I had (and wanted to) go to Ellisville.  I need to pick up some free boxes from the post office, and pick up beer and nicotine.  But what I was looking forward to was dumpster diving for cardboard.  I got a monster box that had not yet been baled up for the landfill.  It was a box for a delivery of watermelons.  It was a muscle box.  A nice black man asked me if I needed help.  I figured that I could manage.  When he saw me struggling to get it out  he came and helped me.  He managed to get it out of a tight space and we, mostly he, got it in back of my little car.  I also manage to dumpster dive several other broken down boxes from behind a a coffee shop.  That was my fun for the day.  It sounds silly, but it was really fun.

Then I went to the beer/nicotine store to stock up on the necessities of life.  I buy enough of both to last 4 days.  It isn't easy to carry 2 15 can boxes of cheep beer out, but I can manage.  It always seems to be a black man who offers to help me.  It seems, at least here, that Black men are kinder to old bent ladies than White men.

I told the guy who helped me load the killer box in my little car that he was a nice man.  He said that it feels good to do a nice thing.  I said the same thing to the guy who helped me with the beer.  He said that being kind was just what he should be.  I had the same experience with a black guy who helped me at the hardware store last week.  He said that he always started out being nice, and took it from there,  I'm like him.

Always move forward. Never look back.


Hi friends, just finished reading your posts since Sat, when I was last here.  Today is my first healthy day in about a week. Sure hope it lasts this time.  Still doing PT on my back and it helps. I did go to the aquarium, even though I didn't feel well, to become a volunteer there again. I will work 6 hrs (3 shifts) the first Saturday of each month.  I will get trained on all the things Volunteers do there, several of which I already know and did for 8 years.  I start April 1.

It is unusually cold at night these days and all my Spring leaves out in my yard are in jeopardy of freezing. It happened this time last year too, plants got tricked into thinking Spring was here, then Winter came back.  Hate when this happens.  See you all tomorrow,