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Started by Ron Sower, August 04, 2022, 11:11:16 AM

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Ron Sower

Hi you guys!...

Yes, Barb...it's hot here, although right now the morning temps are a little lower...like 77 ATM, but will get to 97 later today (usually it gets hotter than The Weather Channel predicts)...tonight it will drop to around 84...humidity is high, by our standards, in the 30%-50% range...that feels really muggy here, but not like where you live and where I used to live...

Sounds like you are really recuperating well, Barb...good for you!...I hope the Tylenol is holding the pain down for you well enough....

Long day for us yesterday....50+/-orders to go out...one HUGE one!...these shipping days are days i use extra Tylenol myself...this plant biz is starting not to be as fun  :-\ ...mainly because of the work stress for me...I never know what to order so we can fulfill all our orders, and then there is the discomfort thru the picking, bagging, packing process...then also we're not turning what I expect a reasonable profit yet...also I miss my planted tanks...I'm not growing plants now, I'm just warehousing them!...

We were supposed to play cards this afternoon here with 2 other couples, but one of the ladies went into the ER last night with pleurisy...we'll need to check in on her today...we postponed the card game til another day...this will give me some time to get a couple things that need to be done one the kitchen like re-secure the dishwasher to the counter top and change the filters in the undersink RO system...and I'm sure there are other things to be done!... :'(

Make it a happy day, friends...and happy aquariuming! :D
Happy Aquariuming,


I'm sorry for those of you who are still suffering from brutal heat.  It was like that here for about 3 weeks, but since then we've gotten at least a bit of rain every day which his cooled it off considerably.  It won't get above 86 today on the thermometer.  Of course with the humidity the heat index will be in the 90's.

I got my power bill to day and the bill has gone down considerably since I started window units rather than central air.  This bill takes into account the weeks of brutal summer heat.

I tried to take my water heater out of the closet this morning.  I figured that I could borrow a dolly from Judy and figured that if I got the damn thing out, I might be able to sweet talk the delivery guys into putting the new one in place for me.  I could not get it out because a gas pipe was in the way.  The only way I thought I might be able to do it was to remove a piece of 2 inch trim from the closet it's in.  My thought is that the hot water heater was put in place and the closet it's in was built around it.  Since I don't want to tear up my house if it's not necessary, I'm still have to wait for Shawn to get home so he can look at the situation.  It would have made me feel proud of myself if I'd been able to get the job done myself rather than have to depend on Shawn, but that's how it is.  I've gotten used to a cool water bath.  I only fill the tub julst enough to make it feel like a bath, boil a big pot of water and throw it in.  What I love is a full tub of hot water and a cool rinse and I'll look very much forward to having one in another 10 days or so.

Willie, I remember when my husband tripped and fell.  He was taking one of his cats to the show ring when it happened.  I was off at a goat show at the time and he told me about it when he got home.  He made it sound like a joke when he told me about it but I could tell that he felt humiliated.  If (when) that happens to me embarrassment will be my first reaction, whether or not I was hurt.  I hope you're feeling much better today.  Remember, what other people think doesn't matter.

Barb, I'm so proud of your progress.  I knew that you would progress well.  You're a trooper.  My SIL, Martha is having her left hip replaced on the 6th.  She's 81 years old.  She's full of pins and plates and screws.  She's already had the right hip replaced so she knows what to expect.

I thought that yesterday was a good back day and it was until I swept the house.  You would not believe all the dog hair I swept up all together with the dirt the dogs tracked in.  I swept a room and rested.  Swept another room and rested, etc.  Then I made lunch and rested for the rest of the day.  I see the pain doctor in a week.  I'll tell him about that and how it wore me out 2 weeks ago just bagging fish and taking them to the pet store.  Everything involving standing (and what doesn't?) wears me out.  I've tried to make to with Tramadol for as long as I could.  I need the strong stuff.

Wille, I can tell that there are a couple of pairs of Dutch rams in the 90 gallon tank.  What's difficult it netting them out in that big tank with all those other fish.

Ron, I was afraid that your new business would become more chore than fun. Set a date you will expect the kind of profit that you want and if it doesn't happen by that date just screw it.  You're the only one of us except, Greg and Dennis who rarely post, whose body still works well.  Count your blessings.  Shawn tells me that I should turn my fish selling into a business but it will be because with a business that doesn't make a profit I can deduct electricity, water, mileage, fish food, fish supplies, and the square footage of the fish room and office so I will get money back when I file taxes.  I plan on talking to my CPA about it when I get better pain meds.  If I can get money back it will be worth it. 

That's it for today friends.  Y'all take care and be happy.
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Good afternoon everyone. We are in another heatwave that will last until until at least Tuesday. Today's high temp will be 95 degrees but because of the humidity the feels like temp will be 104F.

In these temps I have to be very careful with Kobe. I took him to the park for a brief period when it was a little cooler this morning. The rest of the day for him will be short walks around the house and if he wants to, he can sit outside it the shade for a little while.

I am a little bit sore today from my fall but that is probably my muscles aching from trying to break my fall. Other than that I didn't do any real damages except for a scuffed knee cap. I haven't had one of those since I was a kid.

Barb I am sorry to hear about your mom not doing well but I was very happy to read that you were making steady progress with your rehab. I can't believe it's already been 15 days since your operation.

Hopefully you all will have a great day, and try to stay a little cool if you can.


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