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Time management..

Started by Mugwump, April 12, 2019, 06:22:19 AM

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.....How long does it take you, on average, to feed your fish in the morn'n?....
...me, it takes about 25-30mins....bbs, flake, pellet, etal....and includes inspecting each one too....

...how long to do all the water changes?.....
..here....a couple hours give or take....more when doing bigger changes or filter/sponge maintenance...

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It takes me about 10 minutes to feed and inspect my tanks (14) but it takes me about 2.5 hours for water changes. My water pressure in the basement sucks. It's probably time to change out the carbon block filter. lol

Too Many Fish. Not Enough Tanks.


Feeding them takes about an hour.  11AM to 12 and 6PM to 7. Morning includes fry tank water changes and putzing as only the little ones get fed in the AM.  Water changes take about 2 hours three days every two weeks. I do a third a day.

I'm not afraid of work.  I can lay down right next to it and go to sleep.


Takes me about 5 minutes/day and 15 minutes/day on alternating days now that my fish tanks are reduced and I am not raising a lot of fish and don't have so many food cultures to maintain.

When I was in full production mode and selling fish to labs I was doing something like 2 hours or more/day due to all the maintaining and harvesting cultured food items.

Ron Sower

...with only the one 125, feeding is 2x/day and takes about 10-15 minutes because I sit in front of the tank an add a little at a time to make sure all are fed...

...just a WC takes about an hour...I just syphon 45% out and pump back in from RO reservoir plastic barrel...
...if I'm trimming and planting, I'll take about 4 hours when the water is down, before I pump back in...

...you can tell I like putzing with my aquarium...!
Happy Aquariuming,