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Pleco Discs


My snots aren't fond of them.  I have some in the freezer.  I thought that I'd never use them.  When I found myself with out spinach or other fresh snot food I tossed some in with with the dots who have snots with them.  OMG, the Dots were all over them.  I did it the next day.  It seems that they couldn't get enough of them!  Today I tossed some to the guppies and young angels and Discus.  The guppies in particular went for them with vengeance.  The quarter size Angels attacked them, too.  The Discus grazed on them.  Only once did I see a snot on one.  Ain't that strange?

From now on I'll toss some into my tanks before I leave for work in the morning.  Unlike most people, I think that fish have something available to eat all day long.  These algae discs fit the bill.  Like all my dry food, these came from My Captain.

I've found with algae disk's that it's hit/miss....and yep...some tanks everything but the BN's eat em.....

Mine love them

Ya know, I was going to toss some in your last food package, but I didn't know if you fed them or not. I've got smaller ones than before. They spread out more that way.


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