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Wintery Friday
« on: Today at 09:04:54 am »
Hi eveybody, no snow outside here, yet, but it is so cold.  Tonight-Sat, noon we are to have snow/ice or something.  I have canceled my drive to see my daughter post surgery on Sunday, unless there is nothing frozen on the roads.  Willie, are you ready to hunker down for awhile?  Looks like you are in for it! Ron, still nice and warm out west?  Liz I hope you have fun with Martha and good weather. 

2 days ago I bought a bag of 6 clown plecos, fresh from the wholesaler, before my LFS could open the bag and dump into their questionable water.  I got a good price since I took the whole bag.  They are so cute, live a long time and hopefully will eat my excess algae in the 65 gal tank.  I had a 17+ yr old clown pleco that I accidentally killed when I added metro powder to my tank instead of safe.  What a disaster that was.  No need to go into details.  Also in the LFS, where I almost never get fish, they had a tank of shrimp!  Yellows, blues and others, all 1/2", all $7.99 each.  I wonder how many of those get sold?

Have a good day folks,


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Re: Wintery Friday
« Reply #1 on: Today at 09:36:39 am »
Good morning Barb and everyone. I am getting ready to run out and get a couple of last minute things before the Nor'easter hits us tonight through tomorrow. I have most everything that I need including plenty of food and alcohol (if needed) but I need some bottled water and pizza.

Barb I love the clown plecos. It's really a good thing you got them before they got even more stressed out at the LFS. Good lick with them.

I actually made a questionable purchase of some Otocinclus earlier in the week and luckily for me they appear to be doing well in a brown algae infested guppy tank. They are doing a good job but may need some reinforcements.

Barb, $7.99 for neocaridina  shrimp? That is a crazy markup. More will probably die from incorrect water parameters than get sold.

Barb and everyone in the path of this storm be very careful out there this weekend and stay warm and safe. Everyone else have a great weekend.


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Re: Wintery Friday
« Reply #2 on: Today at 10:16:37 am »
Wow, you two…good luck with that weather! It’s 55 here now and high will be 69, no clouds…what’s your weather like! Liz?…

A busy day for us…huge plant order to pull this morning, and veggie chopping to do for tonight’s taco salad dinner, and plant order to go pick up…and all this before our card game here this afternoon!… wfwf

The clown plecos are pretty neat…I had one in the way past…I need to order some Otos  too…anyone one ever order from Aqua Huna?…I have twice and they ship very healthy fish and back them up…I’m going to order SAEs and otos from them soon…

Stay warm and safe, my Muggly friends!… 8)
Cheers, Ron
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