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October 01, 2023, 03:12:22 AM

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Chilly Sunday Start

Started by wsantia1, June 04, 2023, 07:26:11 AM

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Good morning everyone. I got up to a chilly 55 degrees this morning and the rain that was supposed to arrive overnight never did so we will add another day to our dry spell.

Although I am feeling a bit better this morning It will be another rest and relax day for me. I will do a few water changes but not much else. I think what I had was just a stomach virus because that was really the only thing that was rally bothering me.

I already started my fishroom putzing and will do some water changes as soon as these fish finish their breakfast.

Yesterday I went through my Endler tank and pulled out almost all of the males. I can't believe that I had almost twice as many males as females. I didn't notice it because of all of the Java Moss in that tank. As a result the males harassed some of my females to death (really).

Now I am trying to decide what to do with the excess males. I do know that the females are much calmer now and since most of them are pregnant I will have a lot of male Endlers again in no time.

That's basically my fish story for today. Hopefully you all will have great days and I'll check in on you all later.

Too Many Fish. Not Enough Tanks.


Good morning, Willie.  I hope you're totally over your stomach bug by tomorrow.  It's a bitch to have to deal with an illness on top of the rest of the shit we have going on with our old bodies.

I'm still trying to discover whether my new drugs are any better than the Tramadol.  It doesn't seem so, yet.  At least they are a damn sight cheaper.  I can actually afford these.

I got my corn planted earlier and took a scoot around the neighborhood with my babies.  It was so warm already at 9 that only 2 of them stuck with me.  I've got 2 of the AC's running now.  It'll be in the low 90's today.  The garden seemed to appreciate yesterday's watering.  Things look much perkier.  I picked 2 poblano peppers to go in this afternoon's meal.  I'm making crawfish gumbo.  Got the roux in the oven cooking now.  Once the roux is done and the prep finished it goes together in no time.

I've had a little sit down, so I guess it's time to empty the dish washer and move the ones in the sink into it.  I'll check back with y'all later.  Ron, I hope you are doing well.  Barb, will we ever hear from you again?
Always move forward. Never look back.


Hi friends, sorry for my absence, just been busy the last several days despite my right arm still bothering me.  Sorry you guys have had bugs and Liz pains.  Hope you will all feel better this coming week.  It has been unusually cold here lately, I want to see sun and feel warmth.  This is so unusual for early June.  Usually I have to turn on my AC by now, but not this year.  But all the rain last week was good for my gardens and everthing is growing fast and healthy. Sorry about your lawn Willie.  A good rain will fix it up though.  I know what you mean about the male Endlers, I have had some chase females to death.  I will be back tomorrow, good night for now.