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October 01, 2023, 03:36:52 AM

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Thursday again

Started by Barb, June 01, 2023, 04:31:13 PM

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Hi everybody at Mugs.  I am OK, just busy and having do do things one-handed, 0ne-armed while I let me hurt right arm heal.  It is going very slowly.  So all my chores and fun things take longer to do with my left hand and arm.  Oh well, not too much to complain about, right?  I do have lots of powdery mildew on many garden plants and some trees, have not had this before. I guess the rains and temps are just right for mildew.  Way too many things to spray with a fungicide so I will see what nature has in store for them.  I did weed eat this morning, it went OK, but slow.

Lost a discus who never grew past 1 1/2".  There are 2 more like this.  But all the others are well and growing nicely, despite my less than good water they have to live in.  I do 2 90% wcs a week.  Seems to work OK.  I still keep thinking about a tank of fancy angels.  And big fancy goldfish too, just a few in a 65 gal tank.  Still thinking about it.

Hope you are all well today despite all the things going on, with me too you know!  Have a good night,


Good afternoon Barb and everyone. Hopefully you are all well. It is a beautiful day here with the temp currently at 87 degrees and the humidity level only at 43%. We have a slight chance of getting some rain during the overnight hours and I have my fingers crossed that we do. Tomorrow it is going to be in the 90s and it is way too early in the season for that.

I just got finished doing my discus tank water change and they are still looking good. They have grown nicely so hopefully they will continue with their progress.

I am getting ready to go sit on my front porch since it is so nice out. It's always good to see the neighbor's as they walk around the neighborhood after dinner.

You all have a great evening.

Too Many Fish. Not Enough Tanks.


It was hot here today.  I'd been managing fine with fans, but when I got home from the pain doctor I opened the door and it was too hot.  I turned on all 3 and it cooled things down fast.  I could even feel it in the fish room because I let the door stay open.  I'm down to just 1 now.  It's starting to cool down for the day, I hope to be able to sleep with just doors, a window, and a few fans.  I prefer the smell of fresh air to the nothing smell of "conditioned" air.
Always move forward. Never look back.