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Beautiful Monday Start

Started by wsantia1, May 15, 2023, 05:50:48 AM

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Good morning everyone. We are in for a gorgeous day here with the current temp at 51 degrees and going up to a high temp of 75F this afternoon. There is a zero % chance of rain during the day but a slight chance of some precip overnight. The winds will be between 5 and 10 MPH.

It is possible that today will be the day I move the Discus into their permanent home which is a 75G that sits behind my desk on cinderblocks in the basement/fishroom. It was put in place as an emergency replacement for my 150 Tall that sprung a leak a couple of years ago.

Setting up that tank initially was the final straw for my back.  It hasn't been the same since. There is zero chance that I will ever move that tank. huh I sold the 150 about a year ago when I got an offer for it that included its removal from my basement which was no easy task.

I am getting ready to take Kobe to the groomer. While he is getting all dolled up I will go to the vet to get some food and refills of his Enalapril and Tramadol.

Hopefully you all will have a great day and I'll check on you all later.

Too Many Fish. Not Enough Tanks.

Ron Sower

Good morning Willie and ladies!...

It's going to be up to 97 today with a few scattered clouds...right now it's 84...and windy...

I'm going to add some substrate to my newest gobie tank and put some rocks and caves in it to encourage breeding...yes, I know that's backwards and I should have had the tank set up first then add the fish, but this is what happens when I buy fish in an unplanned manner! :D ...

Over the weekend a friend brought over a 75g stand that matches the discus tank stand...I need to do a tad of work on it, then exchange it with the current one and he'll come get it as a trade...I'll see if I can get my buddies in here to move them for me...

Stan's still almost blind, and I'll have to see if he and Barb will come over together and feed my fish while we're away this weekend...

We learned from the coroner's report that our former son-in-law died from a self inflicted gsw to the head...don't think we were certain that was the method he use in my rant a few days ago...also, he hadn't been paying their bills, and there is suspicion that he was back to using again, which is no surprise to me...we're waiting for the tox report to return...and another twist is that his wife has come out of her stroke induced coma and is talking some, but hasn't asked about him at all...weird!...

I don't have much else to share with you, other than we'll be making preparations for our Bermuda cruise this coming weekend...we ordered rain jackets because there is a 55-60% chance of rain while we're there  >:( that sucks... While we're on the cruise we won't be using the internet unless we do it at a coffee shop during the short time we're on shore, so i won't be in touch with you all then...

Crap...this has turned into a book!  Sorry friends ;D.  Have a great day, and may the fish be with you!!! |^|
Happy Aquariuming,


Your book was a good read, Ron.  I feel so sorry for his wife.  Could be it's good that she hasn't asked for him now that he's gone.  Maybe when she finds out it might mean that she won't morn for him.  I'll keep the poor woman in my thoughts.

Willie, I'm sure the Discus will enjoy the extra room you're giving them.  A 75 isn't my favorite for Discus.  It's a bit narrow, but it's not the end of the world.  I prefer a 100.  I had a 125 that I traded for physical labor.  It was a great tank but it wasn't in the fish room where WC is so easy.

It's a lovely day so far today but it's supposed to rain this afternoon.  I have my garlic drying in the sun on the cardboard in the garden but I'm going to have to bring it inside and hang it under the fan if we have rain coming.

I've been at the driver's license place in Laurel to replace my old one so I can get my drugs.  God, they're rude there!  Of course I had to wait for half a lifetime before they got to me but they finally did.  I'm legal again.  Then I went immediately to the pharmacy in Ellisville.  There shipment with my tramadol had just arrive and the girl told me that it would be a half hour wait.  I'd had it with waiting and I have some drugs left over so I'll just go back tomorrow.  Then to the beer store.  It was nice to be treated so kindly when I go there, especially after the drivers license place!  I generally buy 2 packs of vapes and 2 15 boxes of beer so I don't have to go back so often.  Those nice folks carry my cartons of beer out and put them in the car for me without me even having to ask for help.  I told them that I would never go to any other beer store.

Now I'm going to cook my Mexican roast.  I was all ready and realized that I didn't have the needed Chipotle chili's in adobo.  I'll have to be creative.  I got a jar of Chipotle salsa and a jar of adobo sauce.  I'm pretty good at substitutions but you loose something in the flavor of the finished meal.

Time to feed lunch to Charlotte and the fish that need lunch then I'm going to play in the kitchen.  Everything is all prepped and ready to go.
Always move forward. Never look back.


Hi folks, have been having internet trouble all day. Wouldn't even let me log in here for a long time.  Now I expect my post to disappear too.  All is OK here, no rain, just rained on Mother's Day yesterday.  Ron hope it doesnt rain much in Bermuda while you are there!  Liz glad you are getting the things you need and enjoying cooking.  Willie, careful of that back!  My son was walking a neighbor's dog, the dog ran after another dog, my son tripped over the leash then and fell hard onto his chest onto the street. Seems to have at least one broken rib. Same thing my daughter did a couple months ago, very strange they both fell onto their chests.  See you tomorrow,