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Friday Is Here
« on: March 10, 2023, 05:15:58 am »
Good morning everyone. Another early start for me but I am managing to get enough sleep throughout the day so I am never overly tired.

It is a cold start to the day at 35 degrees and while the temps will get up to 45F we will be impacted in the form of rain by the storm that is racing in from the west. We will have rain most of the weekend and we are lucky that the temps will stay in the 40s or else we would be seeing some of the snow that our northern neighbors will be getting.

Everything is good in the fishroom so today I will be setting up a 55 to transfer the Discus into over the weekend. I'll be moving them over along with their water so it should not be too stressful for them. I won't be moving the gold rams into that tank but I may drop some Pitch Blacks in with the Discus.

Kobe is not off to a good start today. He is in some pain but he cleaned up his food bowl very quickly and there are no bathroom issues so he is okay in that area. Is it possible that this incoming storm might be affecting him like it is affecting me. I am basically hurting all over too. That's arthritis for you.

Barb hopefully you will get over your cold quickly and I hope the rest off you are felling well today. Have a great day you all.

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Re: Friday Is Here
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2023, 12:50:11 pm »
Good afternoon Willie, and other friends later.

I made a beer run this morning and lucked out.  I checked out the plants at the feed store and got a Rosemary and a bunch of viadalia onion seedlings.  I really lucked out when I went dumpster diving for cardboard.  My plan this Spring, since I can't really dig, is to cover the entire area with cardboard.  It will keep the soil soft and moist while smothering out weeds.  When I plant, I'll just cut a hole in the cardboard and stick the plants in.  I can't believe this solution just occurred to me.

It's cooler today with the high only hitting 70.  Next week we will be back to normal winter weather with the lows in the 30's.  Nothing that I have planted will object to the colder weather.

Nothing else is on the agenda today other than animal care.  I'm glad.  I totally slept through my alarm at 1am that wakes me up to take my pain drugs.  I didn't wake up to take them until 5.  I'm trying to get myself back on my normal schedule, but my lower back knows that I missed a dose.
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