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It's Tuesday Folks
« on: February 28, 2023, 12:48:14 pm »
Everyone thinks it's Monday.  It's OK.  It happens to me, too.

Another day in the mid 80's.  i've never seen the oaks start to leaf out in February.  Maybe it really has turned into Spring.  I've never known the oaks to lie about the start of Spring.

I got my taters planted, finally.  But I haven't done anything else of interest.  My big Discus order goes out tomorrow.  I can't help but worry about them arriving well and alive because that's a lot of money for me.  But everything is ready to go.  They should do just fine.

Barb, I hope you get well soon.  Did you get the flu shot?  I've never had the shot and I've never had the flu.

Sorry I have nothing else of interest going on.  It's enough for me happy, though.  Be happy friends.  See y'all tomorrow.
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