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Shorts and t shirt Saturday
« on: February 25, 2023, 12:11:48 pm »
It will be 85 again today.  Another February day beyond belief.  I love it, but I still know that it just ain't right.  Climate change took care of the dinosaurs, after all...

I went to the feed store earlier.  I wanted to buy some seed tomatoes.  The deer won't eat them and I have to plant stuff that deer won't eat since my veggie garden isn't fenced.  I used to worry about chicken, too.  But it's no longer a concern since I only have one hen.  They did have seed potatoes  but they also had tomato plants and all sorts of ornamentals that should be planted in spring.  With it having been so warm for so long, people just get the itch.  I will restrain myself.

Speaking of my one hen, the darlin' laid another egg today.  I gave her a treat and protected it from the dogs while she ate it.  She enjoyed the pasta sauce I made as much as I do.  The dogs like it too.  This damn Chicken, who Martha says must be Jewish because she survived the holocaust, has become a pet.

My big news is that my Discus customer who wouldn't shit or get off the pot finally agreed to the shipping cost for Overnight shipping.  I have money to have my teeth pulled.  I don't have dentist fear, but I'm not looking forward to it.  It's something that simply must be done.

That's it for me.  Ron, I hope your weather gets back to normal soon.  Barb, I saw that you posted the pic I said was a good pic on Simply.  Thank you.  Willie, are your guests gone yet.  Did they accept the fact that Kobi comes first?  If not, did you tell them to go fuck themselves, like I would have?

Always move forward. Never look back.


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