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October 01, 2023, 04:02:46 AM

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Happy Thursday

Started by wsantia1, February 23, 2023, 04:33:20 AM

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Good morning everyone. Yesterday was a pretty hectic day for me so I never got a chance to post. Like wise today will be busy also so I'll get a greeting in before I forget.

Hopefully you are all well. We are going to have some great spring like weather here with plenty of sunshine and the temp getting over 70 degrees. In fact our high temp is forecasted to be 74 degrees. We'll see if we hit that mark.

My house is almost completely clean except a couple of areas that I'll get to today. Hopefully I'll maintain it in this condition for a while.

My company comes in tomorrow and I have mixed feeling about it because I want them to come but I can't let their visit interfere my treatment schedule for Kobe.

He is doing ok but he is on meds that I have to give him every 8 hours so between that and taking him out for his walks we will be in and around the house a lot. Hopefully they are understanding of that and if not, who cares.

Hopefully you all have a great day and if I can I will check in later.


Too Many Fish. Not Enough Tanks.


Good morning friends.  Today will be our third day in a row of 89 degree temps.  I'm in heaven as are my airplane plant and peace lily.  It's been mostly overcast and humid.  They are putting on growth like nobodies business.

It's just wonderful to be selling fish again.  I shipped off a box of Discus yesterday and a guy bought 2 pairs of rams this morning.  Another guy bought 20 Discus yesterday, but he wants me to ship 2 day which I will not do.  I told him I would if he agreed to forgo live delivery guarantee.  I'm waiting to hear back from him.  If he agrees to my terms it would be $500. to put in my dental account.

Other than that, I've been pretty much a lazy bum.  I did take a mile scoot around the neighborhood with my babies.  I ran in to Judy when I was scooting down her road.  She's had some weird heart stuff going on but they can't figure out what's wrong.  Every old person has problems of one kind or the other.

Shawn will be back from off shore some time today.  Judy said that I should check with him and find out if there isn't some way to rig a battery like she has on her Gator to work on my scooter.  I don't think it can be done but I'll sure ask him.  The battery like she has cost $55.  The one designed for my scooter cost $350.  Poor Shawn.  He spends half his time taking are of old ladies.  I need to ask him to put up the walk through screen that I have for my double front door.  I've put it up with tacks so many times and it keeps falling down.  I need to get some small screws.  I could have done it in the past but now, even with a 3 step step stool, the working over my head hurts to much for me to do it.  Coupled with the weight of my drill it would be simply impossible for me.

My big news for the day is that Chicken Chicken finally laid an egg.  She's in her 3rd hear.  I thought that she was over egg laying.  I'm glad that I was wrong.

Always move forward. Never look back.


Hi, it has been 83 here today, no fun dental visit (need an expensive crown), and now I am getting ready to put all my young discus into my 75 gal tank with 4 adults.  Wish me luck, I will do all I know how to do to keep them all well.  But if something goes sideways I will just take it in stride. Will report back this time tomorrow.


Liz, watch your email for scooter battery info.  Willie, you and Kobe come first, guests come second, but I know you know that.

Ron Sower

Wow!...you guys are having better weather than we are right now...we're still running 10 or so degrees below our average...yesterday we had high winds and rain...it's been in the 50s...and grey!😩😩😩...so enjoy whachagot there! ;)

The weather for our Sunday swap meet is going to be horrible...more cold and rain...so we're cancelling the event and will schedule it another day later...

Hieu has been advertising our plants on Etsy and orders are picking up...I just hope we turn a profit! ;D I keep working on ways to keep the plants in good shape while they're waiting to get shipped...also I'm increasing stock levels of the most popular plants...Etsy has a way we can see what ppl are putting in their carts which helps...we just found out that little bit of info tonight!...

I've been working in the fishroom these past few days, to get space made and lighting to my potted and tissue cultured plants...such a small area to work in, but it's happening!... |^|

Liz, my pains aren't as severe as yours, but I've started getting workmen in to do things I used to do not too many years ago...I'm getting some roof work done soon...and it's time to get the house exterior painted...plus we we want to get some can or puck lights installed in our living room...

Yesterday we worked at Feed My Starving Children...it was a total of about 3 hours...about 20-25 of us from our community go each month...I always take the sit-down job of placing "Best by" labels on the empty bags that the others fill with food and heat seal...that way I can contribute, but it doesn't kill my joints from standing...Lucy does the filling or bagging process, but this time her hips started hurting...next time she'll probably label with me...

Barb, crowns really are expensive...this year I switched Medicare Advantage carriers...one of the reasons is that this plan covers up to $5k in dental expenses with no copayments...

Willie...Liz is exactly right about taking care of Kobe...family first!!! |^|

I hope all you are sleeping well as I write this...happy aquariuming...
Happy Aquariuming,