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Back to work Monday
« on: September 19, 2022, 02:19:58 pm »
I've done all my wowk, thank goodness.  Now all I have to do is worry about the 2 boxes of Discus and one of Rams.  I felt uncomfortable putting heat packs in the boxes, but Willie told me that his Discus arrived in 73 degree water even though the day time temp there was 80  It's warm enough here for me to have an AC running.  I opened the heat packs over 12 hrs before I shipped so their highest heat would go down and I wouldn't roast the fish.  Still, they felt pretty warm when I put them in the box. 

It hasn't rained here for a while, and there is no rain forcast for days and days.  I don't like to water in the middle of the day for fear of steaming roots.  But I'll put the sprinkler on my maters and broccoli early tomorrow morning for a few hours.  I want also, to soften the soil enough for me to easily turn over so I can plant some garlic.  I'm going to plant a ton of it.  I always run out of what I plant and I have a friend who like home grown garlic who I give a few heads to.  Last time I was out the store they had some beautiful heads of purple garlic.  The cloves are large.  I hope they still have them when I go there tomorrow.

My cat, who except when she was a baby sleeping in my office drawer, has always been mostly an outside cat.  She has now decided to be a mostly inside cat.  I hope she's not pulling my leg like cats have a tendency to do because I found a kitty litter box and bought some Fresh Sept kitty lotter.   I set her up a place to poop where the dogs won't be able to get to the Tootsie Rolls she leaves for them.  I also moved her food bowl from the  fishroom to a place on la window sill were the dogs won't steal it.  There is no better treat for dogs that cat food except for cat poo.  Then they come lick you in the face.  Not pleasant.

That's all my exciting news.  Please pray for my fish to arrive alive and make their new owners happy.  I'll check in after lunch to see if y'all have anything interesting going on.  Ron needs to post more pics.
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Re: Back to work Monday
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2022, 06:51:40 pm »
Hi Liz and everyone. This day has really gone by quickly for me as I had a few appointments and some shopping to attend to earlier in the day. When I got back in the house I had to mess with Kobe and the fish.

Liz you'll be happy to know when I returned from DC yesterday I found that a pair of the new Dutch Blues you sent me has spawned. Unfortunately they spawned in a young Ram community tank and probably due to a lack of privacy not many if any of the eggs were fertilized. I pulled the eggs and tomorrow I will set up another 10 gallon tank for the pair.

It is already getting dark too early for me. I used to be a night creature but as I've gotten older I've turned into a very early in the morning creature. The problem is that I stay up late and get up early so I tend to run out of gas quickly these days. huh

Anyway that's all for me today. I an going to settle in to watch some TV. The Eagles are playing tonight and they are like a home team (so are the Baltimore Ravens) here.

Have a good night everyone.

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