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Monday Monday
« on: August 08, 2022, 06:56:22 am »
Good morning friends, hope you all had a good weekend.  Here just hot and dry, so I had to get out there, very carefully, and water what I could with a hose, close to the house.  I have 3 faucets with hoses at each so that helps a lot, no dragging hoses around.  I am walking around with just a cane most of the day now, but use my walker at night and early morning.  I start outpatient PT day after tomorrow.  They will whip me back into shape!

All fish here doing well despite less than usual wc's.  But feeding lighter than usual and excellent filtration have helped that.  Hoping for baby Discus in the Fall from you Liz and guppies from you Willie.  Ron, what are you thinking now about the plant business?   For sure you need to enjoy your plant/fish hobby and not just do it as a job.  Have a good day you all,


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Re: Monday Monday
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2022, 07:54:34 am »
Good morning Barb and everyone. It was a lousy weekend for me because I felt so lousy with a cough and a sore throat. I had no temperature but that I ended up taking 2 covid tests just to make sure nothing serious was taking place. Both test were negative and I feel better this morning. When I took Kobe out for his walk this morning I had my first sighting of Ragweed this season so I think my allergy symptoms may have gone into overdrive.

We are going to have another hot and humid day here but surprisingly the air quality is good and we will have 10 to 15 mph winds so it may not feel too bad. Yesterday's weather was brutal until the evening.

I have a lot of fishroom work to do today because I did absolutely nothing down there over the weekend. I desperately need to get those water changes done and consolidate some tanks. Hopefully I don't run out of gas before I get everything done. I haven't been getting much sleep so I feel a little run down.

Barb, right now I have some Albino Cobra Mosaic guppies for you. They will be a couple of months old this week but since they get plenty of leftover BBS they are growing well and a couple of the females may be pregnant already. I have other guppies but I don't know what they are and the males are just now coloring up. Once they color up I should remember what they are. The parents of these died shortly after they had this spawn.

Have a great day everyone.

Too Many Fish. Not Enough Tanks.

Ron Sower

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Re: Monday Monday
« Reply #2 on: August 08, 2022, 11:08:48 am »
Hi Muggers!

Yesterday was club meeting day… several of our key players in the membership and on the council were out for Aquashella and other reasons, so the social hour prior to the start of the meeting seemed low energy to me and a couple others….however, as time moved forward things picked up….
One issue that came up is that the projector we use didn’t have the power cord with it…our IT/AV guy brought everything over to me last week since he was going to absent…well  almost everything!!!… ??? ??? ???

I bought some Beautiful young orange australes killifish to add to my couple, and 15 young albino Cories…I’m not a fan of most albino fish, but I do enjoy albino Cories…I have a 20L that houses my pair of orange alstrales with the back glass panel covered with a beautiful blanket of BBA…when the gardneri were in that tank, they actually deposited eggs in that mass…the tank is very dark and the orange astrales show up much better in it…I’m looking forward to some offspring…

Since I didn’t get over to pick up the racks and tanks Saturday, I’ll probably go today and get them, after Lucy gets her nails done at 11…

We continue with rain in the area, mostly at night…sometimes dust storms precede them…our temps are in the high 90s to 104/105…and we have, what we consider here, muggy conditions with RH from 30s to 50s…but not like what I lived with for 52 years in VA! :D
I’m not one to quit something immediately if I’ve vested time, energy, and thought into it…so if I decide to hang up the formal plant sales business, it will be after conversations with, and a plan in place for my partner to transition however he wants to…I’m really going to be ok continuing through December to see if it gets better for me…

Well, I have some new fish to go check out in the fishroom!…have a good day, Muggers ;D
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Happy Aquariuming,


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