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Good Sunday afternoon
« on: August 07, 2022, 12:45:41 pm »
Hi folks.  I got good news from Ken yesterday.  He wants to take the 4 remaining Discus I want to sell.  He always wants about 15 BN but I'm going to take a break from selling them because it's time to let the little ones grow up and they are slow growers.  He always wants Mystery Snails and I'll take a bunch, but that will be it for now.  I need to wait for new clutches of eggs and they have stopped breeding for an unknown reason.  He also wants some of the Rams that I don't want.  I'll take them all Tuesday.

I moved the Discus to a smaller holding tank which gave me tank space to separate the Discus grow outs between 2 60 wide tanks.  Now they have the elbow space to grow.  I had 2 empty 38 cubes that I like to keep for breeding Discus, but since I won't be breeding for a while, I moved some of the Black Rams to the 2 40's.  The 100 that they were all in before still looks full of fish.  I may sell some of these as unsexed juvies to make a bit of money and thin out the numbers some.

I got the plants and sand out of one of the 29's.  It's filled now with clean water.  I'll move some of the Dutch blues from their 90 to that tank tomorrow.  I have to be sure the temp is where I want it first.

I know it's just early afternoon, but I've done all I'm gonna do for today.  I've worked my old body enough for one day.  It's time for lunch.  I'm looking forward to some left over red beans with cajun sausage.  After a bit more of a sit down I'll make the rice to go with it.  Right now I'm tuckered.

I'm looking forward to find out what y'all are up to today.  Barb keeps getting better every day.  Ron is still in a conundrum about his plant business.  I hope that Willie is still staying cool.

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