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Hump Day Afternoon

Started by wsantia1, August 03, 2022, 11:59:57 AM

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Hello everyone. It is a hot day (91F) here but it feels a lot better than yesterday because the humidity is all the way down to 44%.

I had lots of things to do on my agenda but that went down the drain when I tripped, fell and bruised my knee and hand. The worst part is that I bled and was wearing white which made my fall look worse than it was. At the time I was actually more embarrassed than really hurt although I was in some pain.

Since I was wearing white I had to stop what I was doing and and go home to clean up. I was 25 miles away from home when I tripped so there is no way I am going back to continue the agenda today.

I am already feeling better but relaxing for the rest of the day is the new agenda.

Wishing you all a better day than I am having. huh     


Too Many Fish. Not Enough Tanks.

Ron Sower

Dang, Willie!...that must have been some fall!...I trust you're not having further complications from it...
And how are you doing today, Barb?...

Liz, did running the DW without water burn out the element?...you're having a run of appliance bad luck :(

It's thundering around us right now...grey skies...windy...84 temp...50% RH...that's hi for us...but it is monsoon season...

I've got plenty to do today...plants just arrived and I need to put them away...then start pulling orders...I may have to bag many of them myself while Lucy takes a friend to a doc appointment...

Liz, thanks for the advice on my discus post...I'll get to following it soon and keep you posted there...

Now there is not a bit of breeze outside...ominous!...

Good day to all...
Happy Aquariuming,


Hi Willie and Ron!  Glad you didn't get hurt too bad Willie.  Falling is now a huge fear for me, my new hip could pop apart.  I have to be so careful not to fall.  Ron is it as hot there as here?  This wicked humidity plus high humidity make going outside almost unbearable.  I am glad my surgery was now, so I don't want to be outside anyway.  But I am walking with a cane now!  I alternate walker and cane depending on time of day, pain level and sleepiness.  So far so good and very little pain now.  only 15 days post surgery.

A friend took me over to see my mom for the first time since mid July.  She has gone downhill mentally.  She barely knew I was there.  So sad.