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Heating Up Tuesday

Started by wsantia1, August 02, 2022, 12:40:16 PM

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Good afternoon everyone. The heat is back on with today's temp heading into the 90s but with a slight chance of getting Thorms later this evening.

Last night I could hear the thunder and see the lightning but we didn't get a single drop of rain in my subdivision, although I did see evidence that rain fell at the park this morning.

I had a lousy night overall with Kobe getting sick overnight and me having to get up with him at 2:30 am. I ended up with 3.5 hours of sleep.

He is alright now but because I had to substitute his regular prescription treats because they are out of stock everywhere he got sick. I tried several vets and even online and everybody is on back order. huh

Being that he is on the pudgy side it will probably do him some good to do without treats for a while but then he is going to be a real PITA. huh

It's probably going to be an early night for so hopefully you all are well and Barb, I hope that you are continuing to make progress on your mobility.


Too Many Fish. Not Enough Tanks.


It's just the opposite here, Willie.  It will only get to 85 here today.  Of course with the humidity from the thorms we had this afternoon and yesterday afternoon the heat index makes it feel like 90.  owill be happening every afternoon all week but they're hit and miss.

Now that I have the water heater disconnected I realized that the dishwasher won't work since it's connected only to the hot water.  Back before I disconnected the hot water heater they washed with the cold water that was still in the tank.  I was surprised that they got clean!  I had a sink full of dirty dishes :-[ that I loaded in to the dish washer yesterday and was surprised when I opened it this morning that nothing got clean.  Until the light bulb went off in my head I thought, "Shit.  Now I have to replace the dishwasher, too.  I hate washing dishes and I hate taking a cool water bath.  I'll order the water heater tomorrow but since it weights 150 lbs I'll have to wait until Shawn gets back to put it in.  He gets back in a week from tomorrow and I need to give him a couple days to chill before I have to nag the poor guy to help me once again.

I was in the mood for a normal meal rather than the weird stuff I usually cook.  A meatloaf is in the oven.  I'll have it with mashers and broccoli and garlic sauteed then steamed.

Barb, keep getting better.  I know that you will because you work at it.
Always move forward. Never look back.


I ordered the water heater.  It'll just be 10 more days of bathing cool and dish washing by hand.  I wish the thing weren't so heavy.  Who'd have ever thunk that an empty gas water heater would weigh 150 lbs?  I even double checked and that's what the SOB weighs.  I would have loved to do this myself but at that weight it's impossible.

It's a cool evening.  I can get along with no AC, just a fan in the bedroom.  The dogs will be happy that I can leave the door open for them.

The night time pollinators are out and my Moonflower is blooming.  I think I'll go watch and breath in the fragrance before I get into bed and watch the tube for a couple of hours.  Y'all have a lovely evening.
Always move forward. Never look back.