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October 01, 2023, 03:33:19 AM

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Monday Monday

Started by Barb, August 01, 2022, 07:51:08 AM

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Hi Mug friends, hope you all had a good weekend?  The best part of mine was a 1/3" rainfall Sunday.  afternoon.  Finally.  This was because I spent almost 1  hr. hand watering, from a chair on my patio, as much of my backyard garden as I could reach with my hose nozzle,  Sunday morning, haha.  And refilled my pond.  6 hrs later it was raining.  But not much. 

I am getting better and stronger.  Later today my PT will get me walking with a cane.  I won't let on that I practiced very carefully a few times over the weekend and it went fine.  I have lots of canes to choose from. Bill had a cane collection.  Did I tell you that one of my 4 cats, my only lapcat, has been lying on my surgical site since I came home from the hosptial?  Sometimes she has both paws right on top of the incision. Animals have a sense about things like this.  Any of you experience this with dogs or cats?

Have a good day!


Good morning Barb and the gentlemen when they appear.

I was going to ask you if your cats were taking care of you.  My Bruno is always by my side.

Yesterday I was a little hung over which was OK because I had planned on doing nothing, anyway.  The only thing I accomplished other than making a wonderful mushroom fried rice, was fill the humming bird feeders.  The poor little guys.  My feeders had been empty for several days. 

They say that starting early this afternoon we will be having some very good thorms.  1" total rain fall if they are correct.  I plan on cleaning the kitchen, sweeping the floors, and dusting.  Willie, I'm sure you wouldn't find your dirty house unacceptable if you saw mine.  BTW  Willie, the Rams are starting to get old enough to sex.  Shoot me a PM so we can arrange the details.

Ron, I had some corkscrew val once, but it never did corkscrew much.  All the fish are doing well.  I'm feeding the shit out of BBS.  The tiny Rainbow fry should be large enough to net out soon. 

That's it for now, friends.  Hope everyone is happy.  You know that I am :)
Always move forward. Never look back.

Ron Sower

Hi Barb, Liz and Willie to come along soon I hope!...

I used to do similar things, Barb, when I was recuperating...I worked on moving my leg up enough to cross it over the other one before the PT starteted me on it....careful, you might be labeled as an over-achiever as I was! ;D ...

Not much going on today other than little chores to be done around the house...

Have a good one folks! ...and happy aquariuming!...
Happy Aquariuming,


Good afternoon everyone. It is a cloudy but very warm and humid day here with another heatwave starting tomorrow and lasting at least through Friday.

I'm hoping that by the middle of the month things will start to cool down just a little so when the grandkids come through I can spend more time with them outdoors rather than indoors. I know with kids the temp is not usually a problem but these days it is with me.

Barb I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better and stronger. I'll bet that that PT person will be surprised at how well you can handle a cane "without" any training.

When my back was giving me all of that trouble last summer I spent a lot of time sitting on the front porch with my hose watering the flowerbed in front of the house. Even though it wasn't ideal I got a lot of compliments on that flowerbed.

Liz I'll sent you a PM shortly about the Rams. I'm still in but we have some stupid weather coming this way so timing will be critical.

Wishing you all a great day.


Too Many Fish. Not Enough Tanks.