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October 01, 2023, 04:18:53 AM

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Saturday start

Started by Ron Sower, July 30, 2022, 12:07:06 PM

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Ron Sower

Looks like it's my turn to start a thread today...

Yesterday was a busy day...a bunch of orders held back from Wednesday, waiting for my nursery shipment to arrive, plus a bunch of new orders...I still didn't have enough inventory on certain items, so I contacted a few ppl and located most of what I needed and picked them up...sometimes I can't keep enough guppy grass, corkscrew Val, and duckweed to meet the demand, believe it or not...then other days it might be Amazon swords... huh just no telling what's gonna be ordered one week to the next! :D ...

Days like last Wednesday and yesterday have Lucy and me complete tuckered out after being on our feet most of the day...

I'm going to empty the leaky 125...drain the water lower first to get the rice fish and 20+ Cories out into buckets...then remove the substrate to buckets...around 4pm today I'm giving the tank to a young fellow who stays in touch with me all the time since he's started buying plants from me...he's a welder and sends me picks of his different jobs and job sites...nice kid...

Barb, you're really getting heat like we're used to...only muggier....and Willie too, it appears...I'm thinking yours isn't much different, Liz...it's been cloudy and muggier here this past week with temps in high 90s and low 100s and RH from 35%-50%...monsoon season!...

Guess I'd better get to it...can't sit on my hiney all day with stuff waiting to get done...Lucy's already pointing out that we need to pick up and clean up around the house now...it's good to see she's back to normal after the weeding week and the order week we've had!!! |^|

Y'all take it easy today and happy aquariuming!...

Happy Aquariuming,


Hi Ron and everyone. It is a really nice day here for a change with our current temp at 86 degrees and the wind coming in from the NW at 10 mph. I couldn't ask for better weather and I need to enjoy it because we are in for a rough week.

I haven't done much today except hang put on the porch and the deck and I like you Ron, I need to get my butt in gear. There are live bearers to move and a couple of shrimp tanks to tidy up.

I can't seem to get motivated with the shrimp anymore and on a couple of the shrimp tanks I have so much algae that I don't even have to feed them more than once a week. huh  wfwf

I have some gold rams to put into a community tank because I need the space occupied by their current tank to set up a tank for some Albino Cobra guppy juvies. These suckers are growing fast. I may just move the females to the new tank and leave the males in their current tank. On second thought maybe I'll just move the males.

Wishing you all a great day.

Too Many Fish. Not Enough Tanks.


Hi gents, and if we're lucky, Barb later.  I know that she's in pain but it's still good to have her post so we know how things, are going with her.

I've done all I'm going to do today except for normal chores only 2 of which will be after 4.  I drained the 125 down low and netted out all the Rainbows and moved them to the 100 in the fish room.  Then I drained the broken hot water heater.  The way you generally do it didn't work so I checked YouTube and discovered what could be done if the normal thing doesn't work.  Then I drove to Ellisville and went to the Corner Market and then to the bad habits store where I got beer and nicotine.  I need to sit on my old ass for a bit and then I'll make lunch and take my afternoon laying flat on my back for an hour.  I sound like I'm not doing that well, but I actually feel pretty good, considering.  The hard job, the one I'm not looking forward to it removing the gravel from the 125.  I'll have to carry heavy buckets.

Always move forward. Never look back.


Hi, here just to check in and let you all know I am hanging in there.  Lousy sleep last night, as usual these days, so I have been dragging all day.  And I had 5 people visit, all very nice ladies who wanted to visit, and it was good to have all the company, but it wore me out.  One lady was my hairdresser who made a house call to trim my long hair which is hard to do now with one hand, mostly.  I had her cut 4".  Be back tomorrow my friends,