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Still Hot Sunday
« on: July 24, 2022, 10:52:16 am »
Good morning everyone. Another hot and dry day here as it is throughout most of the country. In this area this is the longest heat wave that we've had in 11 years. I was in the Chicago area during that time.

I'm already in the fishroom doing water changes and other stuff. My basement is air conditioned and heated so it is a good place to hang out when you can't go outside.

After my water changes I need to redo my airlines. It seems that as time goes on my airlines always get tangled and crossed up and at this time I have quite a mess going on.

I just took about a one hour pause on my messages to pay attention to the water changes. almost had a flood. lol

Barb it's great to know that you are making progress on your recovery and that you have family around you as you mend. I know that you love  your garden to looking great but I wouldn't worry about the weeds right now. If you don't get them the cold weather will if and when when it comes.

Well folks I'm going to finish up my WCs before I screw something up and I'll check in on you all later. I'm actually back on schedule with my WCs. Finally.  huh


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Re: Still Hot Sunday
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2022, 11:58:13 am »
Hi Muggers!…

It’s over!…almost!…we have a “gift opening party” at 1:30 today with a few people over at Jen’s house…
The wedding was beautiful…Lucy’s flower work was great!…we had a blast at the wedding and reception…all these young kids were beautiful and really had a good time…Emery and Dakota had a wonderful time with 200 family and friends there…you could see it in their faces…

Friday the bulk of the flower arranging was done…Jen’s two closest friends helped Lucy, and I was in on that too…however, my joints limited me in how much I could do, but I did enjoy being part of it…

Yes Willie the temps overnite and in the mornings are still cool here, however, they do warm to the 70s… I’m glad I did bring a hoodie and a pair of long pants…! |brr|

Barb, I’m happy your surgery went well and you’re home and starting the recuperation period…it’s a process, but you already know that!…good luck with it ;)

It seems Liz and Willie have the breeding programs dialed in…!

I gotta get going, now.. we have to return the reefer van…you all take care and have a good Sunday…
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Re: Still Hot Sunday
« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2022, 12:47:39 pm »
I'll say hi again later once I have a bit of success with this fucking water heater.  I think that the Rheems are intentionally made difficult to repair so you'd give up and call a plumber.  As much as I hated to I just called Shawn to come help me again.
He has a set of star wrenches of every size.  The one he left here that he used to get the plate off was too small for this and mine are all too large.  Once I can remove the nut that connects the water supply the rest should be easy...or so I assume.  I watched some more videos on Rheem water heaters and they even give plumbers fits because they're different from the rest.

It's hot and humid, of course.  Everyone's in the same boat with the heat throughout most of the country.  It's still a bit cooler than it had been because of the rain we had.  We'll only get to the low 90's today.  Of course with the heat index it's 100.  I can't take my pain meds for another 2 hrs but I'm ready now.  The laying flat on my back working isn't a problem.  It's getting up and down,

I had to make a run to Ellisville early this morning.  I lost my vape pen somewhere between the fish room and the bed room ::) and was suffering withdrawal from nicotine.  Since the beer/nicotine store is closed on Sunday's I went to the supermarket and got a cheap imported cigar.  Not as satisfying as my vape, but it will get me through until tomorrow.  I also got some broccoli and tofu to make a nice stir fry for lunch and a half gallon of Bluebell ice-cream which is becoming another addiction.

Hope your feeling better today Barb.  In your last couple of posts you sounded like you were in pain.
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