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Another hot Thursday rolls around

Started by LizStreithorst, July 21, 2022, 10:04:05 AM

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It's been 3 weeks of this heat now.  At least we're not in the bad shape Europe is in.  They don't even have AC over there!

I was so worn out yesterday from doing what normal people would consider to be easy things that I didn't have the energy or strength left to tackle WC.  The fish were lucky that I was able to make it down there to give them their last feed of the day before I hit the sack.  I feel much better today after all that sleep and back rest but I'm afraid that today will be a take it real easy day.

The damnedest thing happened.  I was looking at my hillstream loach tank yesterday afternoon and I saw a big bunch of tiny little fry swimming around.  I know what they are.  I moved a big Anubias on driftwood from the Rainbow fish tank to the loach tank.  There must have been eggs in it.  Rainbow fry are the last thing I need but it's weird how they show up when you least expect them.  I'll find growout room for them somewhere once they get big enough to net out.

My hot water quit on me.  Better to have happened during a heat wave than in the middle of winter.  The pilot light keeps going out.  I searched around on Google and discovered my problem.  It's something that I can fix myself that won't cost much of anything.  I just need to order a part.  Working on a hot water heater is something that I've never done before so even though taking apart and putting back stuff will be stressful for me I certainly can't make it any worse since not it's not working at all.  I'm about to find out how clean my dishes get in the dishwater in cold water.

If we're lucky we will hear from Barb today.  I hope so.  Willie I hope that you and Kobi are doing well.  Did you take him for a ride yesterday evening?  Ron, I imagine you are still enjoying yourself.  I have nothing more of interest to say so I'll put the bed sheets in the washer, fill the humming bird feeders and get my lazy ass dressed.
Always move forward. Never look back.


Good afternoon Liz and everyone. It is still hot here like it is everywhere else so no use complaining because everyone is in the same situation.

Liz, Yes I took Kobe for a ride to the park yesterday and we had a really quick walk under some tree shade. It wasn't too bad but I'll try to wait another 1/2 hour before I try it today. We skipped our morning walk today because it was already 80 degrees at 6 am with almost 100% humidity. Thanks for asking.

I set up another black ram breeding pair in a 10 gallon tank today. I suspect the male is the same one I used on my last spawn. The female from that pairing passed away so he is now paired with a new female.

I have a club member that wants to buy most of the black ram fry I have now. They are going on 2 months old and we have to negotiate a price. I'm going to keep a dozen or so for myself and sell the rest of them. I was going to take some to a club meeting in the park this Saturday but it is going to be 100 degrees so I doubt that I'll be in the park selling fish. huh

Barb, I hope you are on your way to a speedy recovery. Liz, the only water heater problem I've encountered was Vikki's leaking water heater in the middle of the winter. We got a new one and had a friend install it just a few days before Christmas. Not good for the wallet but cheaper that getting a real plumber to do it.

Ron you seem to have the perfect temps up in Tacoma. Have fun with it. You deserve a break from the heat.

Greg, Polish Sausage from Maxwell St. was my go to for lunch when I worked in the Loop.

Have a great day everyone.

Too Many Fish. Not Enough Tanks.

Ron Sower

Hi guys and gals!...the weather here in the PNW is quite a bit different than the desert!...duh!...pleasantly staying in the high 70s and low 80s...sunny skies and Little to no breeze...so I'm sitting outside a lot...do I miss this area?...NO!...because it's only for a couple months...then back to grey and drizzle...last week was like that here...

Barb, we're still thinking about you and hope you're progressing in a positive way and have the help you need...please don't be like I was in the beginning of my recuperation and refuse help when others want to give it...it's a way of sharing their love for you and you sharing it back to them...

We went to the floral warehouse this morning to get the flowers and greens Lucy had on order...we got them back here and got them all in 9 buckets of water with the flower food and now she is in her own little heaven making the arrangements...! She actually loves doing flower arrangements more than making cards, but after a day Of standing and working on them she's pretty sore in the hips...that's why she doesn't work in a floral shop or have her own floral business...I will be taking pics of the arrangements at the wedding venue and show you some of them...

I'm starting to mis my aquariums...!  They're in good hands with Stan's oversight...

Liz I had 4 rainbow fry show up in a tank several months ago too, only they had to have come in from someone's plants...unless I move plants from my rainbow tank to the betta grow out tank...I sold them at our last meeting's auction...

Well...I check in on Lucy periodically to see if she needs anything...the rehearsal is this evening and the rehearsal dinner is tomorrow, but she and I won't be going to it because she'll be in the thick of the flower arrangements...hmm, she must be reading my mind because she just came and asked for me to help with something...

Til next time...happy aquariuming... ;D
Happy Aquariuming,