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Cloudy and wet Wednesday
« on: May 25, 2022, 12:44:27 pm »
Sounds like I'm having your yesterday weather today, Willie.

We had a fine hard rain yesterday.  It rained hard and went away fast.  The moisture had had time to soak in.  There is more on the way today.  I hear rumbles of thunder and the wind is picking up.  I'm fine with this weather.  It's cool enough for no AC for me and my flowers are loving their damp feet.  Stuff is starting to bloom.  The daylily's are bursting forth.  I had them all tucked away in a place that was too shady and I finally got around to moving them last year.  They're thanking me now for my consideration.

Nothing much is new here.  The Discus ended up with 5 fry attached.  Once I get the kids eating BBS well I'll move them to the tank with the baby Rams.  I have 5 little Discus in that tank now.  The oldest are starting to round out.  Discus and Rams like the same conditions and do well together.  If it weren't for the baby rams just a few Discus would not be worth the trouble of raising.

I wish I could mow.  My mower cranks on the first pull but then dies right away.  I have an idea of what the problem might be but it will take a lot of back killing bending to try to fix and my fix might not work and then I'd have pain for nothing.  I don't want to risk it.  I wish I were better with small engine repair but I'm not.

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Re: Cloudy and wet Wednesday
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2022, 01:10:22 pm »
Hi Liz and the rest when you come aboard later…your day lilies sound beautiful!…rain and sunshine always help!…

The left side of my 125 is chocked full of tall Aponogeton boivinianus and is pretty dark…this is where my Leopold angels live…So yesterday I was viewing that side checking the condition of the plants and there was a pair of angels staring at me defiantly!…as I looked more intensely, there they were…a small clutch of wrigglers on a leaf!… ;D…this morning it looks like about 6 of them and they are in mutiny stage right now…Mom and Dad are trying to keep them on the leaf…they most likely won’t make it…too many other fish in the tank…

And, speaking of spawns, the PBs are still guarding what few are left of their spawn…they have continued to keep the other fish away…the eggs all seem to be turning white, but not fuzzy…this has been 3 days I think…is it possible the water is too hard for the sperm to survive or be able to penetrate the egg membrane?…TDS is 100ppm…or is one of the pair infertile?… I am happy to see their protective instincts kick in a little better this time…

My partner got back from Vietnam last night…maybe we can get things back to “normal”, whatever that is!…it will be good to get all these stacks of flat, unmade boxes back to his garage…

I have a couple different ppl coming later today to pick up some plants they’re buying…so there’ll be some fishroom putzing today!…

Happy aquariuming you guys… |^|
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Re: Cloudy and wet Wednesday
« Reply #2 on: May 25, 2022, 01:50:25 pm »
Good afternoon everyone. It is sunny here today with the temp at 75 degrees. Exactly how I like it. 

I got all of my water changes done and now I'm waiting for the Pitch Black wigglers to take off. At this time all I see are black ones. Hopefully I didn't pull the parents too early but pulling them too late wouldn't have gone well.

I have some more work to do in the basement so I better get to it if I want to finish today. Have a great day everyone.   

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