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October 01, 2023, 04:24:16 AM

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Still alive and kicking Sunday

Started by LizStreithorst, May 01, 2022, 01:27:50 PM

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'Afternoon friends.  I'm mostly recovered from my physical labor.  At least recovered enough do a little, and I mean a little.

My repair job on my magnetic screen door didn't work.  No matter what I can't seem to get more than one season out of the damn things.  I had to buy a new one for the kitchen door which I've already put up.  Today I put up the one for my french door in front.  It wasn't what I'd call a hard job but it involved reaching and stretching which I not able to do easily.

My second Discus went free swimming today.  This is the spawn from my best pair.  There are over 100 of them going back and forth eating from the sides of mom and dad.  I'm very much looking forward to growing these out and seeing how they develop.

I also had what I think is the largest spawn of black rams go free swimming yesterday.  I snagged the eggs from a pair that I was going to ship the very next day and raised them in pure RO.  They're in a 10 gallon now with aged tap.  They're really going after the BBS.

I saw feathers out in the veggie garden this morning.  It looks like another of my chickens got taken by the fox.  I'm headed outside now to feed the girls and boy their treat and I'll do a head count.  At least the critter didn't get the Walrus.  I saw him walking about while I was hanging the screen.

That's all my news.  How about y'all?
Always move forward. Never look back.


Hi Liz, sorry about your chicken, the screen doors but great news about the new Discus fry,  and Black Rams too.  You with your fish breeding/selling business, Ron with his plant business, Willie and I need to get busy?  I was doing well with cones, but haven't made any for several months.  With my bad hip it is impossible to stand for hours making them, and I can' t do them sitting down.  I have tried, doesn't work at all.  Maybe in Fall I can resume. 

It has been beautiful weather today. I took my mom for a car ride and lunch in the car by the river.  She really had a good time, so did I.  She and I used to eat lunch together most Sundays and last time was mid January.  Nice to do it again.  You all have a good eve!

Ron Sower

Good to read Both of you just now...

The meeting was great today...huge auction!...some shrimp bags of 6 went for $100 each!...

Is this pic you, Liz?

Goodnight all...
Happy Aquariuming,


That's me, OK.  The beer can is on my side that's hidden from the camera.
Always move forward. Never look back.

Ron Sower

You sure that's not a beer can or 2 belie your foot ;D ;D ;D
Happy Aquariuming,