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October 01, 2023, 03:54:03 AM

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Another Monday

Started by wsantia1, May 02, 2022, 07:04:59 AM

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Good morning everyone. I was out most of yesterday and when I got back in the house I had too much to catch up with and forgot to post.

It rained overnight and it is still cloudy. We will get up to 77 degrees this afternoon with T-Storms starting in the early evening.
This morning I'll work on my smaller tanks (10gs or less) and the turtle tank. When I finish with that I can start doing some housecleaning. Lord knows I really need to pick up the pace on that.

Barb, I've kind of paused my fish breeding activity for now. There is not much of a market here because there are very few independent fish stores. I am not big on shipping though I will do it on occasion.

Our club auctions are better for buyers than sellers with very low bids. We do have some new club members that have been driving up the bids so I will keep my eye on that development.

Hopefully you guys all have a great day. 


Too Many Fish. Not Enough Tanks.

Ron Sower

Yep...and another Monday it is!...this one here is a bright sunny one with temps going to 90...

Going to do WC on the discuss and rainbow tanks today...also meet our new tenants on their arrival down in Florence around noon...

Willie, several of us in our club also have noticed that the new ppl drive the bidding prices up...new blood is good if you're a seller...!  ;)

Yesterday we had a couple bags of 6 of Erik's higher grade shrimp go for $100 each, :o but don't think they went to newbies!...

That's all for now...have a good day, folks...
Happy Aquariuming,


Good afternoon, friends.  I figured I'd better post before I have my afternoon back rest in bed 'cause after that it's WC time and I'll be more tired after that than I am now.

I washed and hung out the sheets and some other stuff earlier.  It's gotten cloudy and they say me have more rain so I hope my stuff dries.  I really don't like using the clothes dryer when it's hot like it is today. 

I've been to the feed store in Petal for Charlotte.

I've known I had to move a fancy bird house that Jack made for me for over a week.  It just takes me so dang long to get around to doing stuff.  I had a platform feeder in that place but when I saw a chicken fly up in it and eat it's fill of wild bird food something had to be done.  !4 years ago back when Jack gave me the gift I had no problem putting the bird house up on a 6' post.  Getting it down and putting it up on a shorter platform was another matter.  But it's down now and in the place it should be.  It looks good there, too.

Don't ask about the Discus.  It hasn't been a total failure, just close.  I'm used to failing with Discus spawns so I'm not devastated like I would have been even a year ago.  At least I don't see that it was my fault this time.  Sometimes shit just happens.

Tink has started coughing badly.  It started happening Sunday morning about 1/2 hr I fed her breakfast.  Since I've been boiling chicken leg quarters with veggies for her I thought at first that I may have missed a bone when I shredded the chicken.  I heard that if a person gets a bone stuck in their throat they should eat bread.  I've been feeding Tink Pita bread which it quite doughy.  The coughing seems to have lessened but has not gone away.  There's another possibility...The reason she coughs is because there is because her heart in enlarged.  Since she has been eating more, being fed tasty food twice a day she has gained weight which makes even less room for her heart.  I know that I could take her to the vet but I'm worried about making it until my SS check gets here.  Tomorrow I'll take fish to Ken and Twee.  I asked Ken to figure up how much they owe me.  If I can afford it, I'll take her but if she needs anything fancy I won't be able to afford it.  This inflation we are going through sucks.

My favorite customer called this morning.  a feral cat had kittens in a snug place by her house.  A lady down the road feeds the feral cats but never bothers to catch them and have them spayed and neutered.  She just doesn't want to bother.  My customer, Mrs. Woodall is going to buy a live trap and catch as many of the feral cats as she can and have the job done.  Mrs. Woodall doesn't even care for cats.  She's a dog woman.  But she know what to do what is right.

That's it, folks.  I need to rest my old back now.  See y'all tomorrow.
Always move forward. Never look back.