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Another Tuesday.
« on: January 11, 2022, 02:21:32 pm »
Good afternoon friends.  It's quite nice here in the sun but it gets down to freezing at night.  I'm pretty much just piddling around today.  A little laundry, a little sweeping, a little cleaning.  Only exciting is by big pot of New Orleans Red Beans and with Cajun sausage, a smoked ham hock and seasonings.  Yum

Barb called earlier and her lap top died.  She wanted me to let y'all know that she won't be on until tomorrow or the next day while they transfer her data to a new one.

I believe I'll pick some mealworms out to the culture mix it with scratch and black oil sunflower seed and give them their daily treat.

Hope everyone has a good day today.
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Re: Another Tuesday.
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2022, 04:17:41 pm »
Good afternoon Liz and everyone. I'm happy to hear that you have great weather and that you feel up to getting a few things done. Your New Orleans Reg Beans with Cajun sausage sounds delicious. I won't go into our weather except to say that it is colder than yesterday.

I spent some time in the fish room today just looking over the tanks and thinking about what I want to do down there as this winter moves along. I have about 4 smaller (20s & 29s) empty tanks running at the moment but I haven't decided what I want to do with them yet.

I went out to Sam's Club today to pick up some bulk supplies and I was happy to see that most everyone was wearing masks as required by a new  executive order from the Governor effective this morning. Covid is at it's highest infection rate here since the pandemic began. While I am now considered non-infectious I still have a couple of symptoms (muscle aches and abdominal pain) that continue to linger.

After dinner I have to tackle the turtle tank water change that I have been putting off for a couple of days while waiting for some filter supplies. I got the delivery from Amazon today. It was delayed due to the weather.

Have a great evening everyone.


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