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Tis Thursday
« on: November 18, 2021, 06:54:27 am »
Good morning folks!  Sunny and cold outside, today I hope to clean up some of all my frozen summer flowers.  And I have pottery work to do.  And a trip to pick up some new med.  So it will be a busy day.  Hope all of you have a good day.  One week from today is Thanksgiving, I will be cooking here and having my mom, son and his girlfriend and maybe their huge puppy.  I remember Liz's menu, but what do Ron and Willie have planned?


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Re: Tis Thursday
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2021, 07:30:47 am »
Good morning Barb and everyone. Pretty nice morning here with the wake up temp at 45 degrees and goingg up to a high of 71F under a sunny sky this afternoon. This all crashes overnight. huh

I have a dental appointment for a cleaning at noon. I don't mind it because it's covered by my insurance but it's very inconvenient because I have to deal with new front desk people every time I go in. I think they probably don't pay the front desk employees much money so the have a high turnover.

Barb, I have a couple of invitations for Thanksgiving and I will probably accept the one from my next door neighbor. That's the one I don't have to worry about driving to. I just have to think about what to bring. I am not cooking anything so it will probably be a good wine or some liquor.

Enjoy the beautiful day everyone.

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Re: Tis Thursday
« Reply #2 on: November 18, 2021, 12:28:09 pm »
Good morning friends.  Oops it just turned into the afternoon...

I've been to the feed store for Charlotte and the chickens.  I also picked up 2 swiss chard plants to replace a shallot that didn't come up and my big basil that was not long for this life.  After we get a good freeze the zinnias will die back and that will give me a whole 4X8 bed to plant with cool weather crops.  I will be feasting on my own produce soon. 

I'm changing water on the house tanks as I type.  Then all that's left is pouring a sack of horse feed into buckets and bringing them in.  I'm sure it will be the weekend before I have a chance of hooking up with kids to haul inside and put in their galvanized cans.

The weather people said that we would have rain but all we have had is overcast.  Now they're saying that the rain will come Sunday.  I don't know why I even bother with the weather forecasts because they're always wrong.

The Discus pair is guarding and fanning eggs.  The eggs look good, but last time they looked good at this point and I ended up with just a single wiggler.  The old pair of my own breeding spawn regularly in the community Discus tank.  This time the new pair and old pair spawned at the same time so I put the old pair's cone in with the new pairs cone.  The old pair's eggs look good as well, but I don't have high hopes.  All I'm wanting is to get enough wigglers from either spawn to raise.

Poor Ron is always late because he's a late sleeper and he's in a different time zone..  Wake up Ron and tell us what all you have going on.
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Ron Sower

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Re: Tis Thursday
« Reply #3 on: November 18, 2021, 11:05:55 pm »
HaHaHa…! Well…I’m :( awake now but not for long I hope!…i didn’t sleep much last night, kept waking up…finally I decided to read around 3:30am…then I drifted off again…I got up at 8:00-ish…and jumped right into getting some stuff done…

Went over to the LFS to exchange some plants that got mixed up in our last order…then had to be back here for afternoon card games with our friends, Stan-and Barb…Stan and I lost to the girls :( :( :( …then we went out to Japanese restaurant for dinner…

I was online with our club board members last night for an hour and 45 minutes…we’re behind the 8-ball on our December meeting…it will be an extravaganza event with door prizes and very nice raffle prizes…we only have 2.5 weeks to get it all done…but we’ll pull it off!…

Tomorrow afternoon we get our Covid boosters…and we’re prepared to feel poorly Saturday and maybe Sunday from reports we get from friends and acquaintances….4 of our group of close friends (husband and wife pairs) in Florence have Covid-19 right now…3 are in the hospital, 1 is intubated and in bad condition, his wife is in another hospital and on oxygen…they had refused to get faxed (and she’s a nurse)…and a 3rd is in the hospital in rough shape…he was vaxed and just finished his last round of chemo for Hodgkins…his wife is better at home, and wasn’t hospitalized…

Our Thanksgiving plans were to go down there to have the meal with them and the rest of the gang…but not now…we’re going to have a small turkey breast with the fixings and watch parades and football on TV…I’ve never been a fan of cranberries, but Miss Lucy makes a cranberry relish that I really like…then there is Stovetop stuffing and mashers on the menu |eat| |eat| |eat|

Willie, you are Mr. Popular…I think the neighbor is the way to go…especially if you take wine or liquor, and decide to partake!!, mim mim mim

Our weather here is still pretty nice…low 80s until next Monday when temps go into high 70s… |brr| |brr| |brr| ha-ha…!

That’s all for tonight, folks…take good care of yourselves…and happy aquariuming!!,…
Cheers, Ron
Sometime I like to go out into my back yard at night and dig a big hole in the ground just to get the nosey neighbors guessing...


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