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Re: More Dantums.
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I am not going to be any help but I have been growing some out some Albino Dantums also from Gold Coast Aquatics and I have a few that were sold on Aquabid. They are in a 180 and the oldest should be spawning but may all be one sex. The GCA are a little younger and may still be to young to spawn. I also have some medium size Albino Dantums from Angels plus on the way I am putting in a 100 gal tank.

I was thinking of maybe buying 2 of either the Atabapo or Orinoco Altum from Wattley and get another group of Dantums and grow them together and see what happens in a few years. I only have a 125 for a tank empty. My other 100 has some Albino Blue Pearlscales from Dave Carlson and wanted to mix a couple with the Dantums and hope for a pair.

Lots of Dreams but that maybe a year off they way things are going.