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Title: Sunny Tuesday
Post by: wsantia1 on May 03, 2022, 12:54:42 PM
Good afternoon everyone. We have a sunny and and breezy day here in central Delaware with the current temp already at the forecasted high of 70 degrees. We will have some rain later on this evening and that will continue into tomorrow. We need it.

I had some blood drawn this morning and then I went into Maryland to get a haircut. I live ten miles from the Maryland state line and my barber moved her salon there because it's closer to her house. I like how she cuts  my hair so I follow her around. |^| |^| |^|

I was down in the fishroom early this morning to feed the fish. Everything looked good and haven't been back down there since. It's time to make another visit because I am sure that there is something to do.

Have a great day everyone.

Title: Re: Sunny Tuesday
Post by: Barb on May 03, 2022, 08:19:34 PM
Hi Willie, it  is 9pm here, just finally checking in.  I did read the posts from the last couple days.  Need to do a big wc on my discus tomorrow, they were due yesterday.  But I have been busy in the yard, seeing my mom, some shopping, seeing a few friends.  The days just go so fast when I am busy.  My new meds are helping my painful hip/leg so I can get more done.  And do my PT much better.  All just as the surgeon told me could happen.   This time last week was very cold for 3 nights, remember how worried I was about my baby birds?  Now it has been up to high 80's the last couple days.  We all need rain around here, it is getting desert-like.  We either have too much or not enough.  Feast or famine I guess.  See you all here tomorrow.