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Title: Cool Saturday
Post by: wsantia1 on September 25, 2021, 07:26:52 am
Good morning everyone. It is a cool 55 degrees to start the day. The sun is shining brightly so the temp will soon get up to a high of 75F. There is absolutely no chance of rain.

I have to get into some last minute cleaning because of company coming over for the weekend and of course I put everything off until now. Luckily for me they won't be here until 4:00 pm.

I need to get busy now so I wish everyone a great day.
Title: Re: Cool Saturday
Post by: LizStreithorst on September 25, 2021, 08:35:17 am
Good morning Willie and my other friends.  It's cool here too under a cloudless sky.  I haven't got off my ass yet but when I do I'll finish digging my second garden bed and plant my spinach.  I feel surprisingly good this morning after yesterday's digging and planting.  Maybe that nerve burning really did help and it's just dog grooming that I absolutely cannot do.  After that I need to do some work in the fish room separating some of Twee's fish so they'll be easier to catch.

Hope everyone else has fun.  Poor Willie is stuck having to clean house.
Title: Re: Cool Saturday
Post by: Ron Sower on September 25, 2021, 12:14:34 pm house....wasting time...just gets dirty again...LOL :D :D :D ...we need to get on it too...I supposed it's a little better for me though because we do it together and lessens the individual load....! |^|

It's a nice balmy 82 here and the clouds have dissipated and given way to blue skies...going to get to 93 later...

Last night when I finally got around to the Congo tank's WC, I pulled out the huge Poret Filter Tower and put it into a 5g bucket...I had to scrunch it to get it in the bucket...this sucker was loaded with water and really heavy...I'm going to take it out back and use the hose to clean it good...I'll lay it on a flat paver area and squish it like I would gently stomp grapes...Thinking of an episode of I Love Lucy right now :D... I had so man floaters growing in that tank that I removed them all and put them in buckets so light can get through to the plants below...

I think it was yesterday that I was lamenting the fact that so many businesses are pushing us toward online customer services...the local governments are too...I'm having a hard time figuring out how to get a tax exempted resale permit to expand my plant sales a little bit...arrrgh! >:(

My continuous list of things to do hasn't decreased much...I keep adding to it as I mark other things off!!!..What's up with that anyway  huh huh huh ...

Ok...guess that's all I have for now...Happy Saturday everyone! ...and Happy Aquariuming!...
Title: Re: Cool Saturday
Post by: LizStreithorst on September 25, 2021, 12:32:56 pm
That's what I have against cleaning house, Ron.  I'd love for mine to be pristinely spick and span but there's no point.  It would take two weeks of full time cleaning and it would just get dirty again.  I settle for presentable.

I forgot that I had to go to Hattiesburg because Tink will be out of Vetmedin after Sunday night and I'm driving into Ellisville in the other direction on Monday to ship fish.  I did get my 2nd garden turned over a 3rd time and my spinach planted.  I have 2 beds left.  One I'll plant to garlic, the other to shallots.  They can go in a bit later.

Down to the fish room now. 
Title: Re: Cool Saturday
Post by: Barb on September 25, 2021, 04:00:22 pm
Hi everybody!  Sounds like you are all busy today, that's good.  I got my 3 yards of topsoil this morning, the man said delivery at 9am and he was here at 9am.  So, here is what the 2 piles look like, I already spread a bit of it, it is good sandy soil, way better than what my house was built on (pond muck).  I plan to spread it out over a week or so, 3-4" deep or maybe more.  Then a load of mulch on top of it, same guy.  This afternoon I took another fun ferry ride, just got home.  Next is discus tank work,  and my discus cones came out great, not a single problem.  I will post them for sale later today or tomorrow.
Here is my front yard, new soil on top of well roundupped grass.
Title: Re: Cool Saturday
Post by: LizStreithorst on September 25, 2021, 05:27:12 pm
That's great looking dirt. You're right in covering it with mulch. You have a lot of hard work in front of you.  For me, there's something about work like that that lets me pay attention to the job at hand and set my mind free at the same time. 

I actually got everything done that I planned to do today.  It included a lot of taking breaks and sitting but I've gotten accustomed to that.  As I sit I plan what I would like to do next year.  I have a picture in my mind of Zinnias surrounding 1 2/3rds of the outside of the wire.  I'll leave the Cyprus vine on the rest of the fence.  Both of those attract butterflies which I have come to adore.
Title: Re: Cool Saturday
Post by: Ron Sower on September 25, 2021, 09:39:38 pm
Gonna look good, Barb |^|....more work there than my body will want to take on though... :D
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